2015 October

Review: James Bay, 24th September, O2 Academy

4th October 2015

Tessy Troes Writer Avid music lovers will be familiar with this experience: you spend endless hours online, trawling blogs and YouTube, akin to the hours like-minded people used to spend in vinyl shops. You stumble upon a promising yet unknown band, and get excited about recommending them to your friends. Eventually, however, you give up, ...

GULGBTQ+ crowned ‘Student Group of the Year’ at Scottish LGBTI Awards

1st October 2015

Rhys Harper Online Editor The Glasgow University LGBTQ+ society have been crowned Student Group of the Year at an awards ceremony attended by the First Minister and a host of familiar names from politics and entertainment. The Scottish LGBTI awards are organised by the Equality Network. a group who exist to “ lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender equality ...

In Pictures: The Charles Kennedy Memorial Debate

1st October 2015

On 25th September, Glasgow University Union (GUU) hosted the Charles Kennedy Memorial Debate, celebrating the contributions made by the late former Liberal Democrat leader to the GUU and politics as a whole. The motion was “Should the UK remain within the European Union?”. The speakers and judges included Alastair Campbell, Alistair Darling, Principal Anton Muscatelli and journalist ...