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Jo Reid

Following the success of the SRC Sexual Violence Prevention workshops delivered to all four student bodies’ Freshers’ Helpers this year, the SRC are now offering the sessions across campus.

The workshops are being held twice every Monday in November and take place in the Williams Room of the McIntyre Building on campus.

The workshops are based around discussion and activity, offering a place for students to learn about issues surrounding sexual violence and its prevention. The sessions cover consent, bystander intervention, where to find support, and how to build a supportive community for survivors. By using resources from Rape Crisis Scotland, the workshop provides helpful tips and ways to approach uncomfortable situations that students may find themselves in.

Through use of scenario-based activities and a real-life account from a sexual assault survivor, the sessions deliver an informative and effective look at how sexual violence affects people and how the individual can support and care for survivors in their life. They examine real-world situations that people may encounter at university, giving participants the tools to approach those potential scenarios with confidence.

One participant praised the workshops, saying that not only were they very informative - giving details on who to contact for support, and how the legal system works regarding sexual assault - they were also “good for giving information on what to do if you’re a bystander and not just directly involved.”

Students found the workshops helpful to both those who know nothing about the discourses surrounding sexual violence and to those who do.

The session exists as a space to ask questions, to discuss and learn about issues that are not normally spoken about, with people who are trained on these issues.

It is hoped that these workshops are a step in the right direction towards tackling the problem of sexual assault on university campuses.

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