Anonymous, taken 21st March, 2016.

Anonymous, taken 21st March, 2016.

Sam Wilson

In April 2017, whistleblower Edward Snowden’s term as Rector at the University of Glasgow will come to an end. The University is now inviting students to submit nominations for his successor.

The next Rector will hold office for three years, meaning that for many first year students this choice will affect them throughout the course of their degree.

It is the Rector’s responsibility to represent the interests of the University’s students.

The Rector is expected to meet with the University Court five times a year, alongside a “one-day Strategy day” and “two half-day briefings.” They are also expected to work closely with the Students’ Representative Council and to bring matters of student concern to the University’s managers and governing body.

The Rector is also invited to four events throughout the year: Commemoration Day in June, an Open Day in September, a Freshers’ Week Address in September and the Court Dinner which is held in December.

Nominations are open until 24 January at 5pm and can be made by obtaining the nominations form online and returning it to the Senate Office, or by collecting the form itself from the Senate Office and ensuring it is completed and returned by the deadline.

The nomination form must be accompanied by the signatures of ten current students and a letter of consent personally signed by the candidate. The nomination court will consider the nomination valid if “the sponsors [meaning the students who have nominated the candidate] have complied with the foregoing requirements” and “it appears that the person nominated is eligible to hold the office of Rector.”

The election itself will be held electronically from 9am on 20 February until 5pm on 21 February. Every student at the University of Glasgow will be entitled to vote in the election.

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