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The Students' Representative Council (SRC) will host a discussion panel focusing on islamophobia headed by SRC President Ameer Ibrahim. The event begins tonight at 6pm in the McIntyre building and will discuss the future of Muslims in the UK after Brexit.

The discussion will address whether British Muslims should “become accustomed to the fact that they are likely to face discrimination within their daily lives or is there scope for positive action and change?”

Other areas of discussion include media, higher education, and government and how they are likely to affect Muslims in the near future. The panel consists of Co-founder of Solas Foundation and iSyllabus Shaykh Ruzwan Mohammed, Sociology PhD student Scarlet Harris, Federation of Student Islamic Societies (FOSIS) President Zara Mohammed, and Glasgow University's Honorary Muslim Chaplain Shoket Aksi.

An organiser for the event stated: "Islamophobia is fast becoming an increasingly significant problem within the UK and, as a student body, it is important to demonstrate to students that we are working to address this issue. The panel discussion aims to do this by providing a platform for students and staff at the university to discuss Islamophobia and its effects on campus. Events such as this are key to giving students confidence that their student union is tackling issues which matter to them and are prevalent within society, as well as providing vital opportunities for discussion.

"Some of the topics covered will include islamophobia in relation to government, media, educational institutes including the controversial Prevent agenda and, of course, Brexit. Whether you have been affected by islamophobia, want to help address the problem or are just interested in the topic and want to have your questions answered, I strongly encourage all students to come along and take part."

TELL MAMA’s chairman, Shahid Malik, said to the Independent in June 2016: “We stand in unchartered territory” concerning the levels of active hostility towards Muslims.

Malik added: “The statistics paint a profoundly bleak picture of the explosion of anti-Muslim hate both online and on our streets, with visibly Muslim women being disproportionately targeted by cowardly hatemongers."

The event comes after a Glasgow University student was caught in the travel ban imposed by the US. Dr Hamaseh Tayari was not allowed to fly from New York back to the UK due to traveling with an Iranian passport. Principal Anton Muscatelli claimed the situation left him: “concerned and appalled”.

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