Students Coding Students coding at the 2016 GUTS hackathon; Credit: Facebook @gutechsoc


Glasgow University Tech Society (GUTS) is hosting the third iteration of their Cyber Defence Exercise this February. The event is aimed at those interested in cyber security, with the ultimate goal of teaching attendees how to protect themselves from the kind of malicious, targeted attacks which every year hit most if not all major organisations. For a recent example, Rudy Giuliani the White House cybersecurity advisor had his passwords leaked just last month.

In previous years, the event has sold out within minutes of tickets being released, giving an indication of its popularity. There are several sponsors, ranging from banks JP Morgan and Morgan Stanley to online retailer Amazon, which additionally indicates how important cyber security is in industry. The School of Computer Science has even volunteered researchers to assist at the event.

GUTS President Stefano Sesia said: “In the modern technological space, security and privacy are huge concerns amongst citizens all over the world. Which is why, at Glasgow University, home of world changers, we want to train the next generation of experts in the field.

"Glasgow Uni Tech Soc is aiming to create a world-class security community starting with students. Being the biggest cyber warfare simulation for university students we are hoping to involve students of all ages and levels of expertise in a fun and unique story.”

The event is free, and is held on the 18th – 19th of February. Tickets are available on Eventbrite.

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