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The Rectorial hustings are scheduled for March 16 at 5:30pm in Bute Hall. Hustings will give students a chance to pose questions to all nominees in attendance. 

Aamer Anwar, Dr Leif Azzopardi, Sir Vince Cable, Duncan Logie, and Jonathan "JJ" Tease have been confirmed as attending.

It is unclear whether Milo Yiannopoulos will attend, although the Glasgow Guardian queried him regarding this.

Several candidates will not be able to attend including Brace Belden, Lady Cosgrove, John Lindberg, Professor Jordan Peterson, and Thomas Hind. Lindberg will be represented by Cameron Mackay, a geography student from the University of Glasgow, and Lady Hazel Cosgrove will be represented by the Vice President Student Support, Erin Ross, in a personal capacity. Professor Jordan Peterson hopes to be represented via telecommunications.

Graeme Eddolls will not be in attendance as he has officially withdrawn from the election. He released a statement saying: "After much thought, I have decided to withdraw from the Rectorial election due to the polarised political nature of the campaign and the feeling that I can benefit the students of the University more by continuing my work as an active alumnus."

Thomas Hind sent a statement to the Glasgow Guardian concerning his absence, saying: "After much careful consideration, I have decided to boycott the hustings in protest at Ed Sheeran hogging the Top 40. He should really let other people have a go. I'm also protesting against his song 'Galway Girl', which is an affront to folk music and just music generally."

Tickets for the Rector hustings event are free but sold out on the day of release.

[This has been edited to reflect Peterson's updated attendance status, as relayed to us by another student media team.]

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