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Credit: Mohamad Sani

The Glasgow Guardian Rector poll results

Credit: Mohamad Sani

Kate Snowdon

From 9 – 17 March The Glasgow Guardian surveyed 160 students on campus regarding their choices for the Rectorial elections. These surveys were conducted in public, anonymously, and all data has been stored confidentially. None of the sensitive data recorded is linked to any identifying information.

Voting preferences, age, ethnicity, religion, gender identity, and sexuality were recorded. Those surveyed were welcome to fill in as much or as little of the aforementioned information as was comfortable. Those surveyed were 17-40 years of age, nearly 90% identified as white, and 68% as straight. 54% identified as female, and 43% as male.

A huge number of people approached stated that they did not care, or would not be voting. While there are over 25,000 students at Glasgow University, the results from our poll still represent a small section of students, and we have presented our findings below.

50.6% of all those surveyed stated they would vote for Aamer Anwar as first choice. 23.8% stated Lady Hazel Cosgrove would be their first choice. 6.25% would place Sir Vince Cable as their top choice. 5 first choice votes were returned for Brace Belden, 8 for Professor Jordan Peterson, 2 each for Jonathan “JJ” Tease, John Lindberg, and “not Milo”, and one each for Thomas Hind and Milo Yiannopoulos. Some results were returned blank or for candidates no longer running.

Of all those who stated their gender as female, 64% would vote Anwar as first choice, however only 34.78% of those who identified as male listed him as their first choice, with an additional 25.1% of the male vote for Cosgrove as their first choice. 23.36% of women would vote for Cosgrove as their first choice. 8.7% of men would put Cable as their top choice compared to 4.7% of women. The male vote was split across the candidates significantly more.

101 of the total number surveyed added a second choice candidate. Of this 101, Cosgrove gained 45.5% of the second choice votes, and Anwar gained 31.7%.

Only 51 respondents returned a third-choice candidate. 37.25% of these votes were for Cable, 13.7% for Cosgrove, 11.7% for “not Milo”, and 9.8% each for Anwar and Tease. 4 third-choice votes were cast for Belden, 2 for Lindberg and 1 each for Logie and Peterson

105 people returned results for their last choice candidate. Out of those, 100 people, or 95.2% said they would put Milo Yiannopoulos as their last choice. 3.8% of those would put a last choice wrote Anwar. 98.2% of female-identifying respondents who listed a last choice candidate wrote Yiannopoulos, and 95.5% of male-identifying.

There were 33 non-straight respondents, of whom 22 returned last-choice results. 95.5% of these last choice votes were for Yiannopoulos. 1 last-choice vote was for Aamer Anwar.

57 people in total returned second-last choice answers. 73.7% of these were for Professor Jordan Peterson. 83.3% of women who returned second-last choice answers wrote Peterson, and 63% of men. 17 non-straight respondents wrote in a second-last choice. 94.1% of these second-last choice votes were for Peterson.

The Glasgow Guardian found little variation of voting preference between different demographics around age, ethnicity, or religion.

[All data will be destroyed before June 2017.]


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