The debris from the maths building Credit: Glasgow Guardian/Hamish Morrison


The demolition of University of Glasgow’s Maths and Statistics Building began on 2nd August as part of ongoing, extensive campus redevelopment plans. The site will be used to house the new Learning and Teaching Hub, with Maths and Statistics being moved to the former site of the Western Infirmary. 

The ongoing demolition of the former maths building on University Gardens is a “pivotal” move as a “major economic driver” for Glasgow and Scotland, claims Vice Chancellor Anton Muscatelli. It has been reported that this is the largest infrastructure project that Scotland has seen in recent times.

The council has injected £1bn into the venture, and hopes to regenerate the area with academic buildings, restaurants, a hotel, and residential developments. In The Telegraph, it was reported that the redevelopment would also include specifically for the University of Glasgow a business school, learning hub, and research facility that will be constructed throughout the next decade. The research facility will conduct studies into global inequality and should be open by 2023.

Despite the scale of the project, Muscatelli also stated that they hope the work does not overly disrupt the lives of students and inhabitants in Glasgow: “We are very aware that whilst we undertake this scale of construction that we must minimise disruption to both the University community and the West End, and the University will work closely with community groups to ensure we respect those living and working in the area.”

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