Picture of the Cloisters at the University of Glasgow

Credit: Glasgow Guardian / Liam Dowd

Tomas Dvorak

As the festivities of Freshers Week slowly come to an end, the University of Glasgow will be hosting the Viewfield Lane Festival on Saturday 16 September. The yearly eco festival organised by the Glasgow University Environmental Sustainability Team (GUEST) will take over the Cloisters in the University’s main building with a packed schedule that includes several live acts and a chance to meet all of the environmental societies currently active within the Glasgow University.

There will be a number of societies present at the festival, including Glasgow University Climate Action (GUCA), Glasgow Student Housing Co-op, Glasgow University OneKind or Wildlife garden society, while more well-known names such as Oxfam or UNICEF will also be present with their student representation. In addition, Glasgow University Cycling Team will organise a cycling tour from 11am to 1pm to show the visitors a greener way to move around the city of Glasgow.

The live acts performing include the Scottish psychedelic trio Avocet, local resident musician and composer Blair Coron returning to the Viewfield Lane festival while touring with his debut EP “DO/RE” and the etheric Josephine Sillars from Scottish Highlands, accompanied by the Manic Pixie Band.
There will also be a Swap Shop Pickup, providing an opportunity for all for the participants to donate clothes, furniture or books for the Swap Shop event, organised by GUEST on 13 October.

Given the University’s recent poor showing in the People & Planet survey of British universities – coming 129th out of 150 , the lowest ranking Russell Group university – the Viewfield Lane festival is likely to be a welcome event; aiming to raise awareness about sustainability and the need for a more a eco-friendly attitude at the University.

The festival itself will take place from 12am to 5pm with the afterparty starting at 7pm at the Bank Street Cafe Bar.

A link to the festival’s official Facebook event below: https://www.facebook.com/events/1986919314928821/?ti=icl