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Glasgow West End club, Viper, has recently displayed a statement on their cinema board reading "TITS OUT LEGS OPEN".

Many found this statement offensive, with Facebook posts stating that signs like this have "no place in our society". When two students from the University of Glasgow approached Viper, asking to take the sign down, they were called "lesbians".

The two students, Rachel (23) and Ellie (21), spoke to The Glasgow Guardian, stating: "We arrived and saw the sign immediately.

"We went to the bar and ordered drinks where we asked our bartender if he could take down the sign. He told us he would ask the manager. Later on and the sign still hadn’t been taken down so we went back up to the bar and asked them to take it down. The bar staff became aggressive and angry about our request, we were eventually told that we were 'lesbians,’ told to 'shut up’ and that ‘we mustn’t have got laid in ages'.

"A woman who we think was the supervisor and who we also know to be a student at the University of Glasgow, said to us that it was her that had put up the sign and because she was a woman it was fine. She also said that if we had really been offended then we would have just left immediately, but why would we leave when all our friends are there and we are trying to have a good time?"

They continued: "Later on in the week our friend was at Viper and captured another sign that had been put up, this one said 'WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU GOT LAID’. This feels like it could have been a direct reference to us."

The Glasgow Guardian reached out to Viper to comment on the initial sign: "TITS OUT LEGS OPEN". Gavin Boyle, Viper’s General Manager, stated:

"The cinema board was done by one of my members of staff on Monday night before we opened. I didn’t actually see it or notice what had been put up this week and was only made aware of the issue at the end of the night. I’d like to apologise for any offence caused, it has been taken down and the member of staff has been dealt with accordingly. I don’t believe it was the intent to offend anyone but understand that it has and wasn’t the best taste.

"Once again, I apologise profusely and can assure you that nothing of this nature will ever be put on the board again."

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