Interview and analysis: Charles Sherrington QMU VP Board of Management

Hamish Morrison

Sherrington is running unopposed for the position of VP Board at the QMU and on a relatively conservative platform. He plans to work with what the union already has and building on that. This is perhaps not a bad thing for the embattled union and while I might not have agreed with some of his points, he has an admirable conviction to his manifesto and something that always goes a long way in the QMU; loyalty to the union.

The QMU’s promotional material for this election might have seemed cynical to some; commenting not on how getting involved with student politics might make a difference to people but that it looks good on your CV. Sherrington disagrees with the accusation of cynicism here and while I don’t agree with him, he puts his case forward convincingly. A quality that goes a long way in politics of any kind.

Sherrington does not propose any grand changes to the QMU, something many people think it is in serious need of. Instead, his manifesto and his interview focus on building on the existing things within the union and going from there. It’s easy to wheel out the cliches about the QM, but they’re cliches for a reason – the sanguine attitude of the QM Board over the past few years is somewhat unreassuring. This is the case for Sherrington, unfortunately. This being said, perhaps a level head and a certain amount of conservatism when facing these challenges might not necessarily be a bad thing. One man’s complacency might well be another’s coolness in the face of danger.


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