Credit: Elliott Brown

Marianna Marcelline

A plan to build a brand-new student accommodation block in the Yorkhill area has been submitted to Glasgow City Council.

The planning permission application outlines proposals to erect a six-storey, red-brick building on the junction of Sandyford Street and Kelvinhaugh Street.

If approved, the accommodation would be built on what is now disused brownfield land, just 15 minutes away from Glasgow University. It would be immediately adjacent to Maclay Residences, which already provides accommodation for around 400 students.

The application states that discussions were had between the applicant and Glasgow University Representatives, in which it had been identified that there was “a need” for “affordable bespoke residences within close proximity to the University Campus”.

The plans state that the accommodation would include 45 apartments, consisting of two studios, two universally accessible flats, and 41 single rooms arranged in cluster type flats. The ground floor would host a gym facility, cycle storage, laundry and a reception.

The proposed development also includes plans to surround the accommodation with a green space, with five native species of hedges to encourage biodiversity. The design plans state that the building would “also include sustainable technologies and be energy efficient with use of materials and in use”.

However, there has been backlash from nearby residents.

Mr Samuel Moore, who lives closely to the proposed building site, posted a public comment, urging Glasgow City Council to reject the planning permission application.

Moore stated that an “over-provision” of student accommodation in the area has meant that local residents have been “left to deal with the increases in litter, noise and traffic”, as “local infrastructure has received next to no improvement to deal with the thousands of students now living there”.

For students, affordable accommodation is a concern. With the cost of renting in Glasgow predicted to grow above the UK average over the next five years, it is unclear whether the proposed student accommodation would be affordable enough.

Glasgow City Council will decide on whether to approve the plans. In recent years, they have attempted to curb excessive provision, and last year introduced new ways for local residents to express their views on proposed building plans.