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Gym members found using anabolic steroids will have their memberships revoked

“Numerous” reports of needles found in the changing rooms at the Glasgow University gym have resulted in the decision for sharps bins to be installed in the toilet cubicles within changing rooms. They can be found alongside a notice that reads:

"Anabolic injections are prohibited within this facility and any member found in breach of this will have their membership revoked. Please ensure the safety and wellbeing of all others. University of Glasgow Sport staff have encountered numerous occasions over the past couple of weeks whereby exposed needles have been left discarded in this area. This is creating an unnecessary health risk for both our staff and fellow members."

Anabolic steroids are a class C drug, which means they are illegal to sell, but legal to possess for personal use. Despite this, the university controlled gym and its staff have made their official position clear, threatening to revoke memberships if gym-goers are found using the drug. While the gym is owned and operated by the university, it is open for public access with a membership.

Glasgow University Sports Association President Paddy Everingham said: "Clubs at the university do a lot to tackle the issue of drugs on campus but it is also down to community residents not to take steroids as part of being a respectful person and not breaking the law. People need to think about the safety of staff and other members when they use the premises and I am glad there are steps being taken."

This issue has been brought to attention after one gym member posted a photo of a discarded needle online. The University of Glasgow said that the decision to implement the sharps boxes, which have previously been in the changing rooms for razors, was mainly in an attempt to protect staff, and was due to only a “very small” number of incidents.

The University issued the following statement: "People take injections for a number of different reasons so we have always had sharps bins in our facilities. Sharps bins are also used for the disposal of shaving razors.

"Recently we have installed a notice and sharps bins in toilet cubicles to protect our colleagues and customers from the danger of coming into contact with needles which have not been disposed of properly.

"We have found only a very small number of needles and have taken the opportunity to reiterate our strong opposition to any form of illegal or performance-enhancing substances."

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