Credit: Flickr / Alastair McCarley

Preview: Crazy P Soundsystem at La Cheetah


Credit: Flickr / Alastair McCarley

Amy Rodgers
Deputy Culture Editor – Art

Catch Crazy P play a rare Glasgow show this Friday

Whether it’s through their productions, live performances or DJ sets – a night with Crazy P is a night well spent. Catch them this Friday 26 October at La Cheetah.

This Friday Craig Moog and Dario Bernadi bring Crazy P Soundsystem to Glasgow for the third part of the Elisco series.

Crazy P’s live schedule is hectic. They are a staple act in the European festival circuit, are never too far from Ibiza and also frequent The Warehouse Project down in their hometown of Manchester. Yet, catching them up in Scotland is no easy task (discounting their performance at West End Fiesta last year and the amazing impromptu set from frontwoman Danielle Moore at Sub Club that followed). This Friday’s show in the unique and intimate club space of La Cheetah will no doubt prove to be something special.

While the set in the basement La Cheetah will no doubt hit crazy levels, the band’s studio output is varied. Their seven albums from over the last 20 years have covered everything from soul to disco to acid house to even more mellow beats. Depending on what album and track is on, one can expect to hear Crazy P played at a variety of occasions, as much in a raucous club setting as at a laid back Sunday BBQ.

Crazy P have made their name with a combo of well-structured songs, thoughtful lyricism and a powerful live presence; they make you pine for the time when dance music had a lot of soul and a lot of heart. Held in high regard by audience and critics alike, they are considered to be one of dance music’s finest – genuinely live – performers out there at the moment. Frontwoman Danielle Moore is known for her electrifying engagement with the audience and Friday will no doubt be a good opportunity to experience dance music in a club with more than a faceless DJ behind the booth.

Crazy P Soundsystem play at La Cheetah Friday 26 October. Tickets are £12 and can be bought here.


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