Credit: GRASS

Finley Allott

Glasgow’s female DJ scene will takeover Broadcast on 1 November in support of Ubuntu Women’s Shelter

Glasgow Refugee and Asylum Seekers Solidarity (GRASS) are teaming up with Safar to host a groovy night at Broadcast on 1 November, in support of Ubuntu Women’s Shelter.

A lively and chic club located in the centre of Glasgow, Broadcast is the perfect venue for the night with its cosy size combined with its booming speakers that are sure to get the crowd bouncing all night long.

The GRASS society “seeks to raise awareness and funds for refugees, asylum seekers and displaced people’s”, and they hope this event will raise funds for the Ubuntu women’s shelter – the first female shelter in Glasgow. The shelter is designed to provide accommodation for vulnerable refugee women who have been excluded from accessing homelessness and welfare services and housing. It is run by those who have direct experience of the asylum and immigration system, hoping to cater to the unique needs of these women while acting as resistance to the cruel and dehumanising effect that borders have on those in the asylum system.

As the shelter is not supported by public funds, all donations are greatly needed in order to keep it running, and so GRASS hopes that this night will fundraise enough to reach Ubuntu’s goal, and so set up this much-needed shelter.

They have made sure the music is up to scratch too, bringing in a range of female DJs from all over Glasgow. With genres varying from Dancehall and Afrobeats to Trap and RnB, with a little bit of disco/house thrown in for good measure, the night is sure to accommodate for a variety of tastes. The warm-up will be started by Eva, an up and coming DJ who has just come onto the Glasgow DJ scene and so will be sure to impress with disco/house classics. Then they will be introducing the main event…

For starters, there’s Vatsu, a student at the University of Glasgow who has been DJing for over a year and a half. Vatsu will be spinning out some big tracks from house and garage to hip-hop, using her vast DJ knowledge to slide seamlessly between genres.

Next, there’s Deej, another student at the University of Glasgow who prides herself on being able to feel the vibe of the night and playing accordingly, so the crowd is sure to dance non-stop all night. Along with Vatsu she will be playing a range of tracks, from hip-hop to 90s dance music.

Thirdly is DiJa, a born and bred Glaswegian who became a DJ two years ago for fun. DiJa is sure to bring high energy and good vibes, with her music greatly influenced by RnB, UK Funky, Bassline and Garage – a perfect variety of tempos to fit in with the feel of the crowd.

Finally, there’s Plaintainchipps, aka Neeks – a student in Glasgow who has been on the scene for just under two years. Her go-to sounds will be Afrobeats and Afrohouse, but can be flexible with the tunes so that there isn’t a dull moment.

Tickets are £3 on the door. Find out more about the event on Facebook: