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Tara Gandhi

Deputy News Editor

Glasgow University LGBTQ+ Students Association (GULGBT+) and Glasgow University Sports Association are working together on a project on LGBT+ discrimination in sport and sporting facilities. The project has been kicked off with an anonymous survey for students to fill out detailing their experiences, if any, with discrimination within sport.

This move has come following a situation where an anonymous trans athlete from the University of Glasgow was told they were not permitted to take part in professional weightlifting in their gender category due to being on hormone treatment.

GULGBT+ President Chris Timmins commented: “LGBTQ+ people disproportionately face discrimination when taking part in sport, particularly trans and gender non-conforming people.

“We wanted to look at the discrimination that LGBTQ+ people face and work on improving their experiences both on a university and hopefully [a] wider level, and give a voice to all LGBTQ+ participants in sport.”

GUSA Vice President Shereif Kholeif stated: "GUSA’s main objective is to promote sport to as many people as possible within the university community and beyond.

"I firmly believe there is no room for intolerance in education. People at university are fortunate enough to get an education and we should be encouraging tolerance as, ultimately, this will have long-lasting change in the wider community. If there is anything we can do to promote long-lasting change, then we owe it to our student body and GULGBTQ+ community to do so."

The project will culminate in time for LGBT+ History month next February.

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