Inana Tribukait



The Glasgow University LGBT+ Scoiety will be hosting a Trans Day of Remembrance event on Tuesday 20 November. At 10am this morning the Trans Flag was raised on campus as part of the celebrations. This will be followed up at 7pm by an event in the Gilchrist Postgraduate Club.

Both events will be hosted by the GULGBT+ and the Glasgow University SRC. The event in the evening will consist of various contributions from speakers and poets, followed by vigil at candlelight in the cloisters. The organisers have made an effort to make the event as accessible as possible: the building is wheelchair accessible and the poems will be shown on screen. There will also be a quiet space and the GULGBTQ+ welfare officer will be available to talk to throughout the event.

GULGBT+ President Chris Timmins stated: "Trans Day of Remembrance is a crucial event to raise awareness of the continued violence and discrimination that trans people face globally, and also to build networks of solidarity and community between trans people."

"We encourage everyone, not just members of the LGBTQ+ community, to join us at our flag raising and vigil and show their allyship and support for the trans, nonbinary and gender non-conforming community."

Trans Day of remembrance has been held on November 20 annually since 1999 and serves as a day to mourn and remember victims of transphobia, and to highlight the issues that members of the transgender community continue to face.

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