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Isabel Thomas

News Editor

The food will be donated for a supplier and members of staff have volunteered to help

On Christmas Day, Drygate Brewery on Duke Street will be providing free hot meals for the homeless, vulnerable and elderly.

The event is planned to run for three hours, between 12 pm to 3 pm and was made possible after one of the company’s suppliers gifted Drygate food to prepare meals for the Christmas dinner. Due to licensing restrictions, no alcohol will be served on the day.

The plan was initially conceived by one of their staff members who has since enlisted 12 members of staff to volunteer their time on Christmas day.

A spokesperson for Drygate said: “Our team worked out the details themselves, from volunteering their time to work the event to working on the menu with food donated by our suppliers. As the numbers of people in vulnerable positions skyrockets, it’s more important than ever to care for those around us, whether during winter or at any other time of year.

"We’re incredibly proud of our team and are delighted to be able to help anyone we can this Christmas”

At the moment Drygate currently has planned to provide 60 meals on the day, however, further food donations will help them provide more meals. To donate you can get in contact with their team.

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