Popular local food vendor Falafel To Go ousted from Sauchiehall Street to make way for chain restaurant


Credit: Evening Times

Jen Bowey
Deputy Editor

Independent Glasgow food vendor Falafel to Go is to be evicted from its premises on Sauchiehall Street in order to make way for chain sushi restaurant Kokoro.

Plans to renovate the current B-listed building were approved by the council and announced last week.

Falafel To Go, which currently occupies a hole-in-the-wall spot on Sauchiehall Street has become an immensely popular and convenient eatery amongst locals. People are already taking to the internet to express their disappointment at the announced closure.

Planners have expressed hopes that the renovation is expected to improve  the attractiveness of the area, stating that the hole-in-the-wall food stand detracts from the beauty of the listed building it inhabits. However, the onslaught of online support for the food stand, and its many favourable online reviews, would suggest that consumers may value quality over aesthetic appeal.

One Tripadvisor reviewer stated that the eatery serves “The best falafel ever” and another said that they “wouldn’t go anywhere else for falafel”.

Popular chain restaurant Kokoro is set to move into the space in the coming months, but the outcry from locals suggests that it may not be the most welcome addition to the street.

With people citing Falafel To Go’s affordability, quality and convenience, it seems unlikely that Kokoro will be able to match the food stand in terms of grabbing a convenient meal on one of Glasgow’s busiest streets.

The recent news leaves people wondering if Falafel To Go will be able to move into new premises, or whether Glasgow will have to say goodbye to this beloved hidden gem for good.


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