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The GUU, QMU and GUSA election candidates have now all been announced.

The role of GUU President is contested for the first time in years, with both Owain Campton and Matthew Miller running. The position of Honorary Secretary is also contested with three candidates running: Matilda Handley, Alexander Farren and Morgan Harrold. You can view the full list of GUU candidates on their Facebook page.

GUSA is also looking to be one to watch, with three candidates all running for President, including current GUSA President Everingham making a bid to be elected into a second term. The candidates contesting Everingham are Shereif Kholeif and Louise O'Neill. You can find the complete list of GUSA candidates, including their manifestos, here.

Courtney Hughes is the only candidate running for QMU President, however VP Membership, Clubs and Societies has three candidates - Fay Pennington, Katerina Partolina Schwartz and Mitchell Welsh. VP Board of Management also only has one candidate, Juliet Smith.

As previously published, the position of SRC President is uncontested for the third year in a row, with current VP Student Activities Scott Kirby as the only candidate. However, VP Student Support and VP Student Activities are both contested.

GUU hustings will be on Wednesday 6 March at 6.30pm in the Debates Chamber; GUSA hustings will be on Monday 4 March at Boyd Orr lecture theatre 2; QMU hustings will be on Monday 4 March and Tuesday 5 March at 6pm in the QMU. SRC non-sabbatical hustings will be held at 6pm on Monday 4 March in the McIntyre Building and sabbatical hustings will be held at 6pm on the Tuesday in the same place.

The Glasgow Guardian will be interviewing all candidates running for a sabbatical/exec role (unless they refuse) in all student bodies and posting the interviews, as well as manifesto analysis, on our social media channels and website beginning Sunday.

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