Interview and analysis: Juliet Smith – QMU VP (Board of Management)

Jen Bowey
Deputy Editor

Juliet’s passion for instigating change in the QMU board of management is evident both in her manifesto and in interview. Although her practical experience on the board is limited in comparison with previous candidates for VP Board of Management, and she acknowledges this in interview, she is confident that the past academic year has thrown up enough challenges that she has had the opportunity to gain experience faster than her predecessors. In addition to that, she expresses the hope that if at any point her lack of experience becomes an issue that she will learn quickly on the job and with the help of VP MCS’ and previous convenors.

When asked whether or not converting the second board meeting of the month to a social (as mentioned in her manifesto) would mean the delay of important issues being raised Juliet responded that the majority of the issues raised in board meetings are trivial matters and that one meeting a month would be more than adequate, also noting that the other unions only hold one board meeting a month.

Juliet was right to acknowledge the deterioration of the union’s reputation in recent years, specifically mentioning that the student population may have lost faith in the union. She mentions that students may have taken the recent revelation that the union has no procedure in place for dealing with issues of sexual misconduct as confirmation of the union’s failings. One thing Juliet is adamant about, however, is that the union is not beyond saving. She asserts her belief that the union can still thrive, as long as the necessary changes to the way the board of management is run are made.

Read Juliet’s manifesto here.


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