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Mitchell Welsh has had a lot of experience with the QMU: having been a CCSR for two years and having campaigned for QMU President last year, Mitchell is clearly committed to the union. He seems more than willing to hold the union up to a level of scrutiny in his previous disagreements with Courtney Hughes, the previous VP Membership, Clubs and Societies. In light of the QMU’s issues in the 2018-2019 terms this can only be a good thing.

Mitchell spoke about his previous projects within the union, and stated that his attempts to set up a red nose day event didn’t turn out the way he had intended, and instead he found that he did a lot better with more administrative methods. This does seem contradictory when running for the position of VP MCS. He emphasises his interest in setting up an annual event to get affiliated societies more interested in using the union. In his answer to how he would fund this he noted that it wasn’t something he had an exact answer for as of yet and that he might consider merging it with the president’s dinner. This practicality could reflect lessons learnt from his previous attempts trying to set up events.

In Mitchell's plans for the wider university as a whole and how he can encourage people to get involved with the union, Mitchell is very Fresher focused. He stated that “lost cause” was not the way to describe students who are already deep into their degrees, but that his aims would be more centric in introducing the Freshers of next year into the QMU.


Read Mitchell's manifesto here.

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