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Andrew Quinn
Deputy Editor-in-Chief

Glasgow University is not particularly well-known for its great sports facilities or clubs. Instead, it is famous for being one of the ancient Scottish universities, and many believe that it has a real focus on the arts. However, the abundance of opportunities to play sport is one of Glasgow University’s strongest assets. You are unlikely to have a chance to try so many sports again. Grab the opportunity while you can.

With 53 GUSA-affiliated sports clubs, there is an activity for everyone. You can try something that you’ve never done before, like potholing or skydiving, or join one of the more traditional clubs, like football or rugby. Often teams have several squads for varying ranges of abilities and they are always looking for members; so don’t worry if you have never played a sport before, just give it a try!

Sport is not only a great way of keeping in shape, but it can be positive for mental health too. Exercise is a key way of reducing stress, and practising sport gives you a break from your studies. You will have greater concentration and perform better in classes as a result.

Despite the many health benefits, it is the social aspect of these clubs which is the best. Especially for new students, there is a chance to make friends, and the teams have social events almost every week, many of them taking place in the GUU. It will help you fully integrate into university life.  Most students that I have spoken to say that this is the best part of being in a sports club at Glasgow University. 

Glasgow University’s sporting opportunities are extensive, and all students should take advantage of them. You have a chance to overcome the odds by battling alongside your teammates. Perhaps you would like to learn a new skill, or try something that you had never even heard of. Maybe you want to reduce stress and stay in shape, or you might just want to join for the social side of things. You can become part of the camaraderie of these clubs. So go out and join one.

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