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Jordan Hunter

President Paddy Everingham addresses concerns, but claims increase is due to Uni budgeting

Glasgow University Sports Association has increased their membership fees for the second time in three years.

This year, students joining the organisation will pay an additional £7, bringing the annual fee to £132. The price hike comes after membership was increased by 25% for the 2017/18 term.

GUSA President, Paddy Everingham, said the increased fee is a result of the University’s lack of investment in sport. Everingham said that while the University of Edinburgh receives an investment of over £1m, the University of Glasgow only invests £160k.

All sports club members are required to have the annual membership in addition to their own sport club’s membership. There are currently no options for students to pay monthly or in instalments.

Everingham said the lack of instalment options are because many students tend to back out of payments, losing the organisation the money that helps them develop.

“As far as I’m aware, every uni that tried [payment plans] has now revoked this offer as their facilities lost out on loads of income due to students cancelling their membership halfway through the year and when they go home for the summer,” Everingham said.

Last year, Everington created a “Hardship Fund Application” in his manifesto to help disadvantaged students get access to the gym, despite the membership hikes. However, the fund most likely will not go into effect until next semester, or possibly next year.

Currently there are no plans to restructure the payment method or club system.

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