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Ollie Rudden
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An estimated 50,000 children in Glasgow will be part of a multi-million, Apple-led IT project to give them their own iPad.

The rollout is part of a seven-year deal between Glasgow City Council and Canadian IT firm, CGI.

The project will be the biggest Apple education project in Europe and will give students from P6 and S6 their own iPad. All other pupils will have shared access to the Apple tablet.

4,900 teachers will also be receiving iPads, and it is estimated that additional shared devices for nursery and lower primary pupils will benefit 70,000 children.

Every pupil and teacher will have access to an iPad in Glasgow’s schools by 2021, each equipped with a core suite of the best quality educational apps. CGI are also planning on bringing in stronger networks into Glasgow schools, such as faster broadband speeds, home wireless television, and ensuring every classroom has its own WiFi.

Glasgow City Council hope the project will improve their learning and close the attainment gap.

Eight school learning communities have already been given access to their iPad devices, including teachers and S2 and S3 pupils at St. Thomas Aquinas Secondary, who got to try their devices before the start of the summer holidays. With Glasgow schools back in session, full rollout of iPads to all year groups is set to begin. 

Councillor, Chris Cunningham, who is also city convenor for Education, Skills and Early Years, said there has been positive feedback from the teachers who already have their devices. Cunningham went on to claim that 90% of jobs in Scotland involve digital work, and the project will help pupils become well-equipped for the workplace.

 “We want our children and young people to be equipped with the skills that will make them shine as digital citizens both now and later in their working lives,” Cunningham said.

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