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The aim to become carbon neutral by 2025 sets Tennent’s ahead of the Scottish government by 20 years.

Scottish brewing giant Tennent’s has announced plans to invest over £14m in its bid to increase its contribution against climate change.

The brewing firm’s investment comes with the pledge to remove single use plastic packaging by 2021, which aims to remove 150 tonnes of plastic every year and subsequently be completely carbon neutral by 2025.

The aim to become carbon neutral by 2025 sets Tennent’s ahead of the Scottish government by 20 years. 

A new anaerobic water treatment plant is now operational at Wellpark to improve the quality of wastewater generated by the brewing process. This is a first for a Scottish brewery and has the potential to reduce wastewater discharge by 80%.

Tennent’s has also become the first brewer to join Coca-Cola, Unilever, and Tesco in the UK Plastic Pact, which is a collaborative initiative between businesses across the plastics value chain with UK governments and NGOs to tackle plastic waste issues.

The investment has been announced as climate strikes take place across the world and Extinction Rebellion occupy parts of central London in demanding that corporations take an initiative in tacking the impact they have on the environment. 

Martin Doogan, group engineering manager at Tennent's parent company C&C, said: “It's a leap in the right direction - but we're not complacent and we're not finished. We will continue to seek out ways to minimise our environmental impact across our entire business, from our transport fleet, to international deliveries.”This is not the first initiative that has been undertaken by Tennent’s, who invested in low emissions trucks in 2017. Tennent’s sustainable measures have also ensured that all waste by-products are entirely recycled for use as animal feed or organic compost., which has resulted in zero waste from Wellpark Brewery being sent to landfill since 2014.

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