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Joanne Krus
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Singh demanded that the tenant pay him rent and threatened to evict him, despite having banned from doing so by the council.

Harpal "Harry" Singh, infamous "slum landlord", faced Glasgow Sheriff Court on 7 October for demanding cash from a tenant despite being banned by the council.

Singh was served a reduced fine of £270, after pleading guilty and admitting that he had disturbed the "peace and comfort" of the tenant, Liam Fair.

Mr Fair lived in a flat in the Woodlands area, the same street as James Fraser and Daniel Heron, the two students who died in a fire inside their flat they were renting from Mr Singh in 1999.  The landlord was then jailed for perjury, after lying under oath that he was not aware that the property did not have functioning smoke detectors. 

In February 2018, Singh turned up to the 21-year-old’s flat, demanding money for rent and threatened to evict him. This was only four months after the landlord had been served a rent suspension order, meaning that he could not legally ask his tenants for rent or evict them.

Mr Fair refused to pay and reminded the rogue landlord of the ban, so Mr Singh left empty-handed.

Mr Fair immediately reported the incident to the council and the police, and the landlord was subsequently barred from letting out properties.

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