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For those wanting to exercise on the cheap, we take you through some scrimping ways to get fit without pulling the purse strings too much.

In the last few years, there has been a rapid increase in the amount of people becoming more involved in personal fitness. Capitalising on this growing trend, gyms and fitness opportunities are simply everywhere, and they're unmissable. 

The general public are truly spoilt for choice in terms of fitness offers – and this couldn’t be more true for the current generation of students. All around Glasgow, and beyond, health and fitness facilities are lining up great discounts and offers exclusive to students far and wide. So for our student fitness fanatics, here are some of the many great ways to keep fit on a student budget. 

There are a wide variety of ways students can save money on fitness. Unidays is a not-so-hidden gem for those penny pinchers, as the site allows students to gain discounted gym memberships with fees as low as £14 at PureGym (which can be found in multiple locations within Glasgow), or £12.99 at xercise4less, located on Sauchiehall Street. For the serious fitness fans, Unidays also offer some great supplements discounts with MyProtein and Protein World having a student discount of 47% and 42% respectively. You may have to get your timing right, however, for as good as they are, Unidays unfortunately don't offer these deals all year round and only run for a limited amount of time.

For those who wish not to venture beyond the boundaries of the University campus to visit a gym within the city centre, they don’t have to look very far. The University offers a fabulous facility which is state-of-the-art and has all the necessary equipment for those gym nuts amongst us; from weight to cardio, there's something for everyone. Also, the cherry on top is the fact that the University gym is only £132 a year, which works out at a fairly respectable 22p per day. 

What if you want a more outdoor-inspired exercise routine? Well, if any of the University clubs don’t tickle your fancy, you won’t be left out in the cold as Glasgow is a city that’s quickly adapting to those who are more inclined to more old school varieties of fitness. For those who prefer a good run, cycle, or even just a nice, good old-fashioned stroll, Glasgow has you covered. With many parks that are all fitness-friendly and equipped with various outdoor exercise machines – such as Kelvingrove, which is within walking distance of the University – and parks which are vast in length, there is no need to worry about finding space to run about. However, for those looking for more sedate places to exercise, look no further than Pollok or Mugdoch country parks: these calming environments are perfect for those looking for difficult cycles or runs. 

Overall, for those looking to stay fit and healthy and still have money in the bank, especially as SAAS can only go so far, it is becoming easier than ever for students to feel very fortunate that they are given so many different opportunities. Fitness fanatics: this is just a sample of the cheap ways you can stay healthy in Glasgow... cherry pick at your leisure.   

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