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There have been allegations of misogynistic speeches throughout the evening.

The University of Glasgow Men's and Women's rugby clubs have issued a formal statement apologising for conduct at the 150th anniversary rugby club dinner on Saturday 16 November.

This comes following two public Facebook posts from members of the women's club, that allege misogynistic and discriminatory language from guest speakers Dr Bobby Low and Sir Roger Baird.

Both posts state that the audience were uncomfortable with the language used, with one claiming that many walked out. The posts allege that the guest speakers, when pulled up on the content of their speeches, claimed it was "locker room chat" and put the concerns of guests down to generational differences, insinuating only one group out of the room found it offensive, something both women deny in their posts.

Some members of the public have claimed, in a twitter thread discussing the evening, that they were there and no such comments were made, or that they were all made in jest and were innocuous. 

U of G Sport have since released a statement on twitter from the two clubs, in which the "unreservedly apologise to those who attended the 150th anniversary rugby club dinner on Saturday 15 November and who may have been offended by some of the speeches", claiming they "in no way reflect [their] beliefs or values, [...] regardless of whether it was an attempt at humour". They state that "the views that were expressed [...] have no place in our clubs, our sports department or our University."

SRC President Scott Kirby commented on the situation; "These comments and rhetoric are completely unacceptable and have no place in society or our university. I commend those that spoke out against it, and the club for supporting them. Just to be absolutely clear, putting this so-called 'locker room chat' down to a generational divide does not not excuse it in any way, shape, or form.

"University sports clubs across the UK and trying to get rid of this image and I hope that other clubs from Glasgow and nationally see this as an example of how to deal with situations like this - calling out this sort of behaviour and language should be done at every available opportunity."

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