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In this new GG series Music Editor Chloe Waterhouse profiles U of G's finest upcoming music acts.

In our latest series, Music Editor Chloe Waterhouse wants to highlight the rich musical talents gracing the lecture halls of Bute Hall, Boyd Orr, and beyond, featuring quick-fire profiles of up-and-coming U of G musicians. She will offer a fleeting insight into their music, interests, and how they’re finding life as students at the U of G. To kick off the series, she reached out to the lovely lads of Supercloud, a post-punk/art rock three-piece comprising of Pierre "Loup" Havenith (vocals/guitar), Lloyd Ledingham (bass) and Oliver Williams (drums).

Hometown(s): Paris (Loup), Aberdeen (Lloyd), Birmingham (Ollie)

Subjects studied at GU: Philosophy for Lloyd and Loup (second year), Product Design and Engineering for Ollie (third year)

Describe your band: Supercloud is a post-punk/kinda art rock three piece. We’ve been playing around and recording stuff for a year. 

The band name is something Loup had in mind for a while. It first came around when he bought those knock-off Adidas flip flops and they had "supercloud" written on them for some reason, which obviously he thought was brilliant and could totally be a band name.

Main influences: Talking Heads, Sonic Youth, Interpol, the Pixies, Radiohead. Obviously the Beatles.

The best show you have ever played: The Hug and Pint supporting Ophelia Lies. The crowd was really cool and the sound was awesome. Good times.

The song you’re most proud of writing: A song called Mariana’s Trench Coat. It’s got loads of things going on and we’re really happy about it. Like all songs it keeps evolving, who knows how it’s eventually going to turn out.

The concert that got you into music: Lloyd saw Gorillaz when he was 10. Ollie was going to gigs at the O2 in Birmingham. Loup saw a band called the Lemon Twigs at a festival and thought “wait a second I could be doing this”.

Fav album: Abbey Road by The Beatles

Your idea of a night out in Glasgow: Flat gigs are the best nights out I’ve had. Everyone’s welcome, it’s free, you have free reign over the music!

Fav place to study on campus: The tenth floor of the Library is where real things happen.

Thoughts on HIVE: shite/can be fun.

Your Halloween costume this year: Not huge into Halloween, Ollie did do a drag which made the entire ordeal so worth it.

Your celebrity alter ego: Shaggy from Scooby Doo for Loup. Damon Albarn from Blur for Lloyd. Wallace from Wallace and Gromit for Ollie.

Best meal deal combo: From Tesco? You gotta stretch that deal. Get a smoothie. Get some posh crisps. Get a nice sandwich. Choose life.

Fav part about studying at Glasgow: The sense of community. It’s good to feel like you’re part of something.

Fav local band right now: Lost Veda. We’ve been playing gigs together for a while. They’re awesome.

Your next gig: Next one’s a biggie. We’re supporting Trupa Trupa at the Hug and Pint on the 4 December. They’re a really cool band from Poland, we can’t believe we get to play with them. Message us to get on the cheap list (We have no shame).

Social media: We suck at it, but you can find us on Facebook and Instagram, Youtube and Bandcamp, Spotify and everywhere else @supercloudofficial

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