Ollie Rudden

Deputy News Editor

Crimestoppers Scotland are hoping to get people to anonymously report drink-drivers, with over 1,000 reports last year resulting in 78 arrests.

A new campaign is encouraging people to anonymously report drink-drivers this holiday season. 

Crimestoppers Scotland hope this campaign will help get more individuals to speak out about drink-drivers, following calls to the charity last year.

The new campaign comes just as Police Scotland start their annual crackdown on drunk motorists. 

Last year, 1,095 calls were made to Crimestoppers Scotland reporting drink-drivers, which resulted in 78 arrested and charged.

The campaign is using real-life examples that were reported last year, including a mum drunk on the school run, a work colleague regularly driving home drunk from the train station and a man taking the back roads home from the village pub.

Angela Parker, National Manager for Scotland Crimestoppers, stated: “No one wants to meet a drink-driver on Scotland’s roads, so your information could help prevent an accident from happening and could even help save lives." 

A Department of Transportation report in August said that between 230 and 270 people were killed in drink-driving accidents in 2017.

Parker said it can be difficult for people to report someone they are close to for drink-driving, but the information they provide will always remain anonymous.

Anyone can report drink-drivers anonymously by calling 0800 555 111 or online on Crimestoppers' website.

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