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The Queen Margaret Union's (QMU) Extraordinary General Meeting was cancelled due to the low turnout. 

Their current constitution requires that 40 members in the first 30 minutes attend the meeting in order for decisions to be valid. Only 32 students attended the meeting on 17 January in this time span. 

The Union had tried to get everyone they could find in the building with membership to attend, but this was not enough. 

This meeting comes after the last EGM in December, which was almost a full rewrite of the constitution; exactly 40 members turned up. 

Many alumni life members threatened to vote down the changes and one even threatened to sue. However, many of those life members did not turn up at this EGM.

Due to complications, it was decided it would be best to split the amendments between another EGM and the annual general meeting, in order to better debate the amendments.

The proposed amendments for this EGM were to restructure the elected offices and include new external trustees. They also scrapped the clause that requires the Union to post its financial balances before the annual general meeting and election. 

The changes have come after a time of financial difficulty for the Union and the death of the revived club night Propaganda. Vice President of Membership, Clubs and Societies, Mitchell Walsh, also resigned between both the EGMs.

Courtney Hughes, president of QMU, announced that she plans on bringing all the changes before the annual general meeting, which does not have a quorum and will go ahead regardless of turnout. In a statement to The Glasgow Guardian she said; "It’s unfortunate that we didn’t get enough members present to go forth with the meeting and a shame as it would have been great to get the changes passed in time for our March general election. A lot of work has gone into proposing these changes and the Board of Management feel they are vital to help modernise how we function as a student union. The proposed changes will be brought back during our Annual General Meeting which will be held sometime in April, and hopefully during this meeting we will get these necessary changes passed. Until then, if anyone has any questions or concerns feel free to email me at [email protected]"

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