Ollie Rudden

Deputy News Editor

Filming of the next Batman movie is set to come to Glasgow next month.

Titled The Batman, starring Twilight actor Robert Pattinson, will see production come to Glasgow in February where the city is expected to be redesigned into Gotham, the fictional home city of the D.C superhero.

Production has already started in London and will come to Glasgow at the end of next month. It is expected Glasgow will play host to the reveal of the new highly anticipated Batmobile.

A source told the Sunday Mail: “Glasgow will be turned into Gotham City and, with the city’s architecture, it’s expected to look great in the new film.

“It will also be the first time for DC fans to see the new Batmobile so there will be lots of them prepared to stand in the rain hoping they can spot it.

“Anyone who sees the Batmobile around town will probably look twice.”

The new film has been written and directed by Matt Reeves, recently known for his work on the Planet of the Apes sequels.

Robert Pattinson will star as Bruce Wayne and Batman, along with Colin Ferrell as The Penguin, Zoe Kravitz as Catwoman, Paul Dano as The Riddler and Andy Serkis as butler Alfred Pennyworth.

The new movie joins the likes of 1917, Fast and Furious spinoff Hobbes and Shaw and 2011's World War Z as movies filmed in Scotland.

Warner Brothers are hoping to release the film to cinemas in June 2021.

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