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Music Editor Chloe Waterhouse is back to highlight the rich musical talent gracing our lecture halls, featuring quick-fire profiles of up-and-coming UofG musicians. She will offer a fleeting insight into their music, interests and how they’re finding life as students at UofG. This month she reached out to Mary Nichol (vocals, rhythm guitar) and Gregor McAdam (drums) from indie-rock four-piece, Altinak.

Hometown: Linlithgow. 

Subjects studied at GU: Music for Mary, Zoology for Gregor (both third-years). 

Describe your band: To be brief, we’re a high school band who never broke up!

Main Influences: Fleetwood Mac, Wolf Alice, Circa Waves.

Best show you have ever played: When we headlined King Tut's in September 2018! It was incredibly humbling to get to headline our favourite venue ever - we were all a few beers in and having the time of our lives.

The song you’re most proud of writing: Mary: Probably a song called Australia. To me it means a lot because it’s a song about missing someone, thinking about how they are and hoping they’re doing okay.

The concert that got you into music: Mary: For me, seeing Imagine Dragons with Eve (bass guitar) was a turning point. I think we both talked about how surreal it would be to create a band and play shows.

Favourite album: Mary: By The Way by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, I’ve loved it since I was young and it never gets old for me. Gregor: For me, Songs For The Deaf by Queens of the Stone Age is a timeless classic that I could listen to on repeat and never get bored of.

Your idea of a night out in Glasgow: Flat 0/1 was a favourite for us until it got shut down, but we also love a night at Firewater or Berkeley Suite! 

Favouite place to study on campus: What’s studying? But the Graham Kerr Zoology Museum is a nice place to study if you’re not creeped out by all the taxidermy.

Thoughts on HIVE: Mary: I can’t help but love the sticky floors and harsh fluorescent lighting.

Your celebrity alter ego: Ozzy Osbourne (Mary), Dave Grohl (Gregor)

Best meal deal combo: Mary: The triple sandwich, packet of McCoys and the most expensive smoothie on offer.

Favourite part about studying at Glasgow: We love the city of Glasgow so much as there is so much to offer, so many nice places to eat and drink and there’s always something going on. The GU campus is really pretty, especially the magnificent brutalist architecture of the Boyd Orr.

Favourite local band right now: Alastair Tibbs (who is also from the GU) has some really nice stuff recently released. Garage/psychedelic rock band Gelatine are brilliant too (another GU band). 

Your next gig: Headlining King Tut's on the 22nd of January! Be there or be square! 

Social Media: 

Instagram: @altinak_band

Facebook: @altinakband

Spotify: Altinak

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