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In partnership with Just Eat, customers can now order Greggs to their front door.

Greggs has launched a new delivery service in Glasgow and across the UK, in partnership with food delivery app Just Eat.

Currently, the stores where this service will run from are Victoria Road, George Street and Dunbarton Road, though more branches in the city are expected to start operating with this service at a later date.

This comes after a series of successful trial runs with other delivery services in London, Newcastle and Glasgow. Other locations the bakery delivers within are Birmingham and Bristol. 

Andrew Kenny, Just Eat’s UK managing director, said: “We’re proud to be the only food delivery app that can bring you the likes of the Greggs vegan sausage roll wherever you are.”

The company’s chief, Roger Whiteside, also said the brand aims to expand this service all across the country by the end of the year.

The news comes after a successful financial year for the 81 year old company, with 90 new branches opened by the end of the year, following a string of marketing campaigns and the launch of popular new products like vegan versions of some of the bakery’s staple pastries like sausage rolls and steak bakes.

However, Greggs has not always been met with universal praise for its produce. In September the company quietly closed its short-lived branch in Saltash in Cornwall, following backlash from several residents who claimed to much prefer traditional Cornish pasties over the chain bakery’s offerings. In spite of this, the company still has plans to expand with new locations further around the country.

Just Eat has also had its own share of success, having recently made a nearly £6 billion merger deal with Dutch company, and expanding the company’s reach as one of the biggest names in the food delivery service industry in the world. 

As delivery companies like Just Eat are broadening in scope, other popular restaurants may in the future wish to join in having the option of delivering their meals as well. As it stands, the three locations in Glasgow where this service runs from for Greggs have so far been met with generally favourable reviews, which would do nothing to deter other companies from wanting to take part.

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