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A sparkling set of acts spearhead the penultimate night of King Tut’s New Year’s Revolution.

CRYSTAL made a glittering return to the King Tut’s stage as the sold-out penultimate act in the venue’s New Year's Revolutions event. With support from dreamy, Edinburgh-based Swim School; anarchist’s dream, The Bleeders; and stunning indie-rock quartet, The Roly Mo, the King Tut’s stage was ruled with remarkable vocals and instrumental melodies to die for. The three support acts did an excellent job of exciting the crowd and building suspense for CRYSTAL’s set while each giving distinct and satisfying performances independently of one another.

​The Roly Mo performed as the final support act and immediately had the crowd jumping. Despite lead vocalist Joe Morton confessing to having a “dodgy throat”, the band gave a supremely skilful and accomplished performance, displaying their assiduous work ethic and live experience. Their vocal strength and rippling bass lines earned them the first mosh pit of the night, cautioning a Doc Marten to the face during their track If You Play Nice. Crowd energy remained high throughout the set and spiked during their stellar cover of Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance, which offered a refreshing twist on the seminal pop song by pairing it with the band’s heavy indie-rock style. Also playing their latest single, I’ll Be Happy When You Die, released in October 2019, The Roly Mo proved exactly why they have risen through the indie-rock ranks so quickly, following in the footsteps of their peers like The Dunts and Rascalton.

By the time CRYSTAL made their way on to the stage, the room was full, and the crowd’s anticipation was tangible. Lead vocalist, Anna Shields opened the set by riding a rocking horse whilst belting their latest single Sharp Tongues; a sultry and unexpected opening which set the tone perfectly for the act to come. Channelling a kind of Riot Grrrl mentality, her stage presence was unrivalled throughout the set as she commandeered the stage and had the audience eating from her palm. Shields engaged with the crowd throughout and worked the photographers’ cameras with enviable control and precision. The bandmates passionately bounced off of one another and gave a cohesive performance which remained unwavering throughout the high-octane set. With strong personalities shining through stunning vocals and gorgeous melodies, CRYSTAL brought an authentic and personal feeling into each of their songs. When performing Speak of the Devil, the crowd shouted back the lyrics with an intensity only to be rivalled with their most popular track, Sex Rich. Ending on such a high left the audience hungry for more, but certainly not dissatisfied. The band exuded professionalism through their entire performance and showed exactly why they continue to secure gigs at legendary venues like Tut’s. If you’ve missed the opportunity to see them so far, make sure to catch CRYSTAL in SWG3 when they support The Dunts alongside Voodoos on 12 March!

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