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Joy Dakers takes us through the best locations to take some artsy pictures in our fair city.

Glasgow can be a wonderfully photogenic city; the monochromatic streets on those grey winter days, the rows of sandstone tenements here in the west end, the stark brutalist architecture of the north of the city. There are endless sites and spaces to find a little corner of art in - with this handy guide, you can find inspiration for getting some great city landscape shots.

Mural Trail

Glasgow is known for having lots of quirky street art. The mural trail in the city centre offers an opportunity for a walk through Glasgow while spotting some interesting artistic pieces dotted around the city. Any internet search will provide a route you can take, varying from one to three hours. If you chose to do the whole trail, there are 29 different street art pieces to study and take photos of. From floating taxis to Billy Connolly, it really offers an opportunity to reflect upon our city’s rich culture, while getting some shots of uniquely Glaswegian art.

Gardener Street

A very large and steep hidden gem in Glasgow, Gardener street was built in 1910 and has since been the steepest street in Glasgow’s west end. If you can brave the hike to the top, it offers some great perspective shots for portraits and sunsets. It is also pretty much guaranteed that no one else will have heard of this fantastic spot hidden away in the streets of the west end.

Glasgow Necropolis 

As a Victorian cemetery, the Glasgow Necropolis is filled with stunning architecture and sculptures from a bygone era. It also offers a panoramic view of the city, stretching for miles on a clear day, as well as an almost birds eye view of the breathtaking Glasgow cathedral. If you're struggling for inspiration, head up to the Necropolis and take some shots of anything and everything – you’re sure to get a few good pictures.

Kelvingrove Park

Whether it’s a grey winter day or a beautiful summer morning, Kelvingrove Park is the perfect setting for a few snaps. It’s great all year round for everyone from nature photographers to runners grabbing a quick shot on their route. It is open during daylight hours every day of the year, and it’s free. The park offers opportunities to grab some street photography of people meandering around the many paths or skating in the popular skate park, as well as some great atmospheric shots with the University and River Kelvin in the background. If you’re an animal lover, I recommend visiting on a warm day to catch some dogs having a splash about in the fountain.

Riverside Museum 

The Riverside Museum poses a perfect setting for water reflections and sunset pictures. If you enjoy taking photos from creative angles, this is the place for you. You can get some cool shots using reflections in the water, and on the front of the riverside museum which is covered in reflective glass. The glass not only creates an interesting aesthetic for pictures, but can also distort them to give an artistic and unusual flare. One of my favourite times to head down to the museum is at sunset, given the great view of the river and skyline of the city. It’s nothing short of mesmerising as the sun sets behind it, leaving a dark outline of the beautiful architecture that Glasgow is known and loved for.

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