Jasmine is excited to join the team as one of the Investigations Editors, and even more excited to leave Hemel, her suburban hometown. She became involved with The Glasgow Guardian in 2017, and somehow she is still kicking about four years later. A Philosophy student, she can often be found on the tenth floor of the library or in the queue outside Greggs. In her spare time she loves ice-skating (badly), skulking around vintage kilo sales, and running away to climb Scottish munros. Recent global events have forced her to abandon these hobbies, and now she sits at home making pom-poms, devouring American Horror Story, and befriending the ginger tomcat that visits her garden. Once this is all over she wants to travel around Russia, but for now she will accept visits to London on the train, where she pretends she is a tourist. If she were an emoji she would be the tropical fish.

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