Speaking to the students at the centre of the Glasgow University outbreak

24th September 2020

We speak to students isolating at Cairncross House and Murano Street Student Village to find out what it’s really been like. As of yesterday, 12...


Scotland introduces greater restrictions to combat Covid-19

22nd September 2020

The new restrictions will see pubs and restaurant having a 10pm curfew from Friday 25 September. Scotland has introduced greater lockdown restrictions...


Coronavirus liveblog

12th March 2020

Welcome to the Glasgow Guardian  coronavirus (COVID-19) liveblog, where we will consolidate all information regarding the virus put out by the un...


The Magic Gang: “The record is basically navigating your twenties and what’s expected of you”

25th September 2020

Music Editor Jodie Leith chats with Paeris Giles of The Magic Gang about their new album Death of th...

Science & Tech

The importance of cancer screening

24th September 2020

Beth Dillon explores the importance of funding for improving and developing cancer screening. The Un...


It’s time to say bi to biphobia

24th September 2020

Flora Gosling unpacks some of the myths and misconceptions around what it means to be bisexual. Prid...


Police disperse street parties at Murano halls

23rd September 2020

University tells The Glasgow Guardian those caught breaking the rules will face disciplinary action....


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