Freshers’ Week 2008 – Craig Campbell – GUU

29th September 2008

Becky Sharp I’m slightly worried about writing this article – a negative review of comedy never goes down too well, particularly that which was so well received by my peers. As controversial as it may be – I’ll start as I mean to go on – there’s little that I find more depressing than bad, ...

Freshers’ Week 2008 – STaG – Welcome Tent

29th September 2008

Lucy Humphries Glasgow’s leading Student Theatre Company, STaG, welcomed freshers to Glasgow with a lesson on the comical farce that is student life. Beginning with ‘the top ten student posters’, many in the audience were forced to hang their heads in silent admission that, ‘Yes I have those posters, and the ones I don’t have ...

Freshers’ Week 2008 – Freshers’ Ball – QMU

29th September 2008

Sarah Smith Students queued for over an hour to go the QM Freshers’ Ball on Thursday, with the reward of free pizza once they were inside. Girls in full-length ballgowns and boys in kilts and suits, mingled with those who interpreted the ball theme more loosely and turned up in jeans. The music consisted mostly ...