Elections 2017

Interview and manifesto analysis: Jenny Benson – SRC Vice President Education candidate

27th February 2017

Austen Shakespeare Reporter Manifesto Analysis The SRC (Student Representative Council) VP for education candidate stressed the importance of academic workshops where staff and students could come together to discuss issues. Benson has already run a workshop with staff and students and wishes to build on this. However, there were still issues including attendance as not ...

Interview and manifesto analysis: Thaïs Ramdani – SRC Vice President Student Support candidate

27th February 2017

Kate Snowdon Editor Manifesto Analysis Current Gender Equality Officer Thaïs Ramdani is running for Vice President Student Support (VPSS), largely on the strength of her impressive achievements in her current role. However, whilst these achievements speak volumes to her dedication to her current role, her plans for the position of VPSS remain somewhat vague. Ramdani’s ...