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We Need To Talk About The Garfussy: the Andrew Garfield Renaissance

2nd May 2022

Ashmita dives into the second pandemic currently raging: the entire internet gushing over Mr Garfield. What can I say about Andrew Garfield? For one, I’m happy he’s finally receiving the mainstream attention he deserves (if you’re a tumblr user or an OG The Amazing Spider Man fan, you probably never stopped seeing him). After his ...

Review: Spider-Man: No Way Home

13th March 2022

The newest Spider-Man installation doesn’t stick. Marine is not impressed by the latest from the Marvel movie machine which saw Peter Parker bring in the profits as well as the poignancy. The long-awaited Spider-Man: No Way Home arrived in cinemas after breaking records with its trailer being viewed 355.5m times in 24 hours, beating the ...

Review: Tick Tick…Boom!

13th January 2022

Jeevan praises Lin-Manuel Miranda’s film tribute to the late musical theatre genius Jonathan Larson. Self-righteous, self-aggrandising, inconsiderate. These could all describe Jonathan Larson aptly. He’s an unfortunately likeable protagonist, one that time and time again has you wincing because of his seeming lack of empathy, his inability to recognise his privilege, or his general folly. ...