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Does the University owe us anything?

22nd November 2021

Reporter Janka Deák breaks down the University’s duty of care for its students. CW: suicide  The recent criticisms levied at accommodation services and the University of Glasgow’s handling of the overflow of student applicants raise an issue not usually at the forefront of students’ minds: does the University owe us support services, or is the ...

‘Guilty Pleasures’: Nico’s new menu leaves you feeling anything but remorseful

16th October 2021

Editor-in-Chief Lucy Dunn takes us through the newest fine-dining experience Six by Nicos has to offer. What are your guilty pleasures? I was asked to think of a couple myself before heading into Six by Nico to try out their new adeptly-named, six-course tasting menu. A variety of delicacies – or maybe more commonplace cravings ...