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Should we all be (perfect) vegans?

14th October 2021

Editor-in-Chief Lucy Dunn explores the all or nothing attitude many have when it comes to animal products. When I was in my second year of university, I decided, one lent, that I was going to become completely vegan. Being (mostly) vegetarian anyway, it wasn’t the biggest of deals, and after having watched and naively believed ...

I’m sorry I’ll never be her

25th September 2021

Editor-in-Chief Hailie Pentleton discusses the reality of the #ThatGirl trend. If you’re a chronic over-worker like me, you might have found yourself scrolling through #ThatGirl TikTok, desperately searching for the secret ingredients for self-love and success. Do smoothie bowls and organic shakes lead to academic success? Will early morning rises and earth-toned workout sets unlock ...