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Daft Punk: A Retrospective

28th November 2023

A love letter to “dafty punky thrash”. Forming in 1993 and disbanding in 2021, Daft Punk gifted the world 4 studio albums, 2 live albums, a soundtrack album, and two films. The impact the robots have had on both music and the wider world is difficult to explain. The duo sold over 10 million records ...

Experimental dance and chronic pain: In conversation with Sarah Hopfinger

1st November 2023

Living with invisible pain can be debilitating, but Glasgow-based artist and Royal Conservatoire of Scotland researcher, Sarah Hopfinger, endeavours to turn her pain into art through her immersive autobiographical show, Pain and I, that will be performed at Tramway on November 8 and November 9 2023. Sarah Hopfinger has lived with chronic back pain since ...

Dance to empower: Representing Scotland in ballet

15th May 2021

Representing Scotland in ballet. If you’ve found yourself exhausting streaming services throughout this year, perhaps you stumbled across Scottish Ballet’s The Snow Queen. With the closure of stages, online access to ballet has jumped, and gives time to open the curtain to a more diverse audience and dim the elite middle-class view of ballet. When ...