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Formative Foreign Films Series: Raw (2016)

24th December 2021

In this first entry our new series that looks at the first non-Hollywood productions you encountered or the ones that changed your perspective on cinema and what it could be, Daniel explores the personal significance of French horror Raw (2016). It’s hard to pinpoint exactly when my interest in film and cinema as an artistic ...

Review: Last Night in Soho

22nd November 2021

Daniel examines Edgar Wright’s new thriller, a notable departure tonally and visually from his previous work. For all of its visual flair and dazzling neon imagery, striking Giallo-esque stylings and brazen time-bending shenanigans, Edgar Wright’s latest directorial effort, Last Night in Soho, is a film which finds itself weighed down by a surprising adherence to ...

Review: Infinite Granite by Deafheaven

8th September 2021

Despite promising to reinvent their sound, Deafheaven only succeeds in reinventing the wheel. Ever since their breakout record Sunbather, it feels like Deafheaven have been struggling to find their signature sound as a band. Each subsequent album seems to navigate a slightly different sonic terrain to the last, but none quite reach a cohesive basis ...