Holly Jennings

As a self-proclaimed wannabe Miranda Priestly, Holly has big plans for her year as Editor-in-Chief – and Covid won’t be getting in her way. A final year English Lit/Scottish Lit student, Holly can be found researching witches in the library when she’s not proofreading and creating social media strategies in the office (if that’s what […]

Jordan Hunter

Jordan spent the last year doing every menial GG job that was asked of him, so he’s already well equipped to take the reins as Editor-in-Chief. Fairing from Ohio, which he points out at every opportunity, he’s usually found kitted out in ice hockey gear for his beloved team the Columbus Blue Jackets, or looking […]

Rebecca Scott

Rebecca is in her final year of her Geography degree and has decided to make her year that much more stressful by taking on the role of Deputy Editor-in-Chief at The Glasgow Guardian. An avid traveller, Rebecca loves all things Americana and will happily tell you about her summers spent as a camp counsellor and […]

Chloe Waterhouse

Ex-Music Editor Chloe has climbed the ranks to Deputy Editor-in-Chief this year and can’t wait to bring her love of all things rock ‘n’ roll to the leadership of the paper. Easily spotted among the less put together of The GG’s management, she is always decked out in her finest with looks that rival the […]

Ollie Rudden

Ollie is a one-of-a-kind specimen. He has been part of management since 2019/20 making his debut as Deputy News Editor, where he not only assisted in editing articles but also wrote many of them when short on content! Ollie is in his fourth year studying politics, originally picked because he wrote a good personal statement […]

Silas Pease

Silas is a Politics student in his final year, and at 21 years of age he’s here to show people he’s still got it. Proud winner of “Best Attendance 2013” at his junior golf club meetings, he wants to prove that his remarkable drive and ability to simply be there can be transferred over to […]

Matilda Handley

Matilda is a fourth year History and Politics student and is excited to be on the News team this year. You can almost always find her in the GUU, and she’d almost certainly be debating. She may not be a BNOC, but she certainly knows all the big names on campus (it’s probably how she […]

Joanne Krus

After taking the leap last year from stereotypical student activist to stereotypical student journalist as News Editor, Joanne is now looking forward to living her detective dreams as Investigations Editor. She’s a Politics and Central and Eastern European Studies student who claims she’s doing a joint degree because Eastern Europe is just really interesting, but […]

Jasmine Urquhart

Jasmine is excited to join the team as one of the Investigations Editors, and even more excited to leave Hemel, her suburban hometown. She became involved with The Glasgow Guardian in 2017, and somehow she is still kicking about four years later. A Philosophy student, she can often be found on the tenth floor of […]

Emily Hay

After two years on the management team Emily has defected from Culture over to Views where she can subject everyone to her unfiltered hot takes at every opportunity. Her hair colour (yes, it is natural) makes up roughly half of her personality, whilst the other half is a mish mash of pottery, Disney, and an […]

Hailie Pentleton

Hailie is a self-described comedic genius with ambition, hoping one day to hold a serious conversation. She has fond memories of being an online team member and will miss avoiding coursework to scroll through pictures of fruit on Unsplash. Hailie was pleasantly surprised to land this role after tanning one too many daiquiris before the […]

Jamie Salem-Dalgety

Jamie is a third year Politics and Economics student. Writing for the paper previously, Jamie is excited to finally join the editorial team. Besides writing, Jamie’s other interests include; music, politics, and definitely not economics (he needs to stay employable though). If you ever do decide to strike up a conversation with him, Jamie will […]

Nairne Clark Hopkinson

Nairne is an English Literature with a caffeine addiction student in her final year, and she’s very excited to get a degree in reading books, in a language she already speaks. You may remember her from some overly excitable Art pitches last year, or recognize her from napping in the Kelvingrove. This year she’s switched […]

Genevieve Brown

Genni still can’t decide whether or not to go by Genevieve instead. She is a second year English literature student who claims to love reading and writing, but in practice spends a lot of her free time scrolling Depop. She is delighted to be able to add the position of Glasgow Guardian Culture Editor to […]

Rosie Shackles

Rosie broke onto The Glasgow Guardian scene as a complete rookie, yet (slightly) less (obviously) chaotic than the rest of the team, she has now worked her way up to Culture Editor. Although she passed on the ever-important baton of food and drink editor, she still lives for a Sunday roast and a large glass […]

Katrina Williams

Katrina is a joint English Literature and Film & TV Studies student, even though (ironically) she neither reads nor watches books or movies outside of her studies. The provided biography picture is definitely the exception, rather than the rule. Nevertheless, she remains apparently obsessed with popular culture, considering this is her second year running on […]

Heather McSwan

Heather is in second year at Glasgow University and her final year of the accelerated LLB degree. As a History of Art Graduate, she is excited to be joining The Glasgow Guardian team as this year’s Art Editor, where she hopes to escape the pressure and existential crises she faces as a law student. Having […]

Sofia Stephens

Likely to be the very person behind the vegan stereotype, Sofia enjoys spending her free time ranking supermarkets by their avocado quality and price. When she isn’t busy taking part in a hummus tasting, you can find her practicing her yoga flow or re-reading secondhand Nigerian literature. As a proud AngloItalian, don’t even come at […]

Maddy Pritchard

Maddy grew up in rural Wales, and now has a reactionary aversion to being outside — she self-identifies as a couch potato, and spends all her free time either watching or thinking about films. She’s studied parts of six different subjects while at Glasgow, and finally settled on Computing Science and Philosophy last year, when […]

Max Kelly

Max is the most seasoned member of The Glasgow Guardian and this year marks his fourth year on the management team. This year he is the Food and Drink Editor and has previously held the roles of Sports Editor, Deputy Editor-in-Chief and most recently Travel Editor. He is a fourth year History student, preparing to […]

Jodie Leith

Music Editor Jodie Leith is delighted to join The Glasgow Guardian team this year. Currently studying English Literature and Film & Television, her passion for music has come a long way from her first gig, Girls Aloud, to an eclectic mix of genres. She can often be found at festivals, gigs or anywhere with a […]

Ananya Venkatesan

Ananya is a second-year Theatre and Politics student from the buzzing city of Muscat in the infamous Sultanate of Oman (but she’s Indian thus constantly suffering from an identity crisis). She has a small (very big) fantasy fiction/movie reference problem. If you catch her not working, she is probably singing Disney songs, talking about fashion […]

Beth Woodhead

The Glasgow Guardian’s resident jetsetter, Beth, will use every moment she has to go travelling, never mind if her deadlines and bank account say otherwise. Hot off the back of her year as Editor-in-Chief of the paper, and Views Editor before that, Beth is excited to have a much more relaxed role of Travel Editor […]

Michelle Osborne

This is Michelle, a second-year Geography student who is from Liverpool. While she is ashamed of her country of birth, she takes pride in her city of birth. When she is not parading around England with a Scottish-branded Morrisons bag, she is usually creating some obscure Spotify playlist or playing the Sims. With over 1,400 […]

Jamie Byrne

Jamie is a second year English Literature student, who has taken up the role of Sports Editor. Previously helping provide youth footballers in Scotland an online platform, through match reports across Scotland. Secretly, his number one reason for attending Glasgow University was that he would be closer to his football team Celtic, who he has […]

Craig Smith

After a brief spell as The Glasgow Guardian’s Sports Reporter, Craig has stepped up to the role of Sports Editor. Craig previously played a wide variety of sports, ranging from squash to rugby, however, a lack of sporting aptitude means 5 aside football now all he plays. Sport still manages to play a big part […]

Tara Gandhi

Tara is now in her third year on management at The Glasgow Guardian, finally escaping editing by taking on Production and Social Media. Unable to fully hand over control after her year as Editor-in-Chief, she has somehow managed to get herself two roles, and is excited to jazz the paper and our social media presence […]

Allison Campbell

Alli studies Politics and Central Easten European Studies. Born in America and having lived all around the States, Alli decided to come study in Scotland because she really likes highland cows. Alli enjoys pumpkin spiced lattes, fuzzy socks, using the word ‘y’all’, baking cakes and Tom Holland. She has worked at the paper for a […]

Jack Corban

Jack didn’t want to write his own bio, so he didn’t. Jack is studying philosophy and has been at The Glasgow Guardian for three years, having been a writer, Views Editor and Deputy Editor-in-Chief, he may never leave. During his long years at the paper he was eager to see the introduction of video content […]

Nell McEoin

As a new member to The Glasgow Guardian team, Nell’s skills in multimedia include waiting for her laptop to turn on, and subsequently slamming it shut when the screen freezes – but she’s excited to expand her skill set. Otherwise, Nell spends her time cherry picking historical documents for juicy tales of medieval debauchery; and […]

Becca Luke

Becca is a history student with a love of pizza, travelling and procrastinating in the library. She is looking forward to swapping weekends spent in her museum job, to spending her time uploading articles in the pub as a new member of The Glasgow Guardian team. In an attempt to get over her fear of […]

Krishang Patney

Krishang is a third year Computing Science student who hails from Dubai. He has the unfortunate distinction of living with the Editor-in-Chief. He prides himself on his ability to make a mean chai and delicious paneer. His free time consists of sleeping and watching Rick and Morty. He also likes to say “I’m the lad […]

Laurie Clarke

Known to her friends as “Laurie from HR”, Laurie feels right at home as our first ever Welfare Officer. She’s been with The Glasgow Guardian for three years, and having worked as Editor-in-Chief, Views Editor and Production Manager, she’s no stranger to the stresses of student journalism. Self-described as a terrible student, she’s nonetheless back […]