Lucy Dunn (she/her)

Position: Editor-in-Chief   About: With a penchant for writing from investigative news to book reviews, outwith the paper I love tea, Tiree (music fest) and Sauvy B.  Studies: Medicine.

Hailie Pentleton (she/her)

Position: Editor-in-Chief   About: As a self proclaimed comedic genius, Phoebe Bridgers fanatic, and neurodivergent nuisance, I try not to take myself too seriously. Always open to poetry recommendations, plant care tips, and outlandish pitches! Studies: English Literature and Philosophy.

Rosie Shackles (she/her)

Position: Deputy Editor-in-Chief   About:   Studies: History.

Jamie Byrne (he/him)

Position: Deputy Editor-in-Chief   About: Sport writer by trade and now third year involved with Scotland’s best student publication. Obsessed with Celtic, The Sopranos and Bruce Springsteen (in that order) Studies: English Literature.

Luke Chafer (he/him)

Position: News Editor   About: I’m a third year student from Brighton. When not writing for the paper I attempt to play cricket and brew beer. Studies: Central and East European Studies

Kimberley Mannion (she/her)

Position: News Editor   About: Other than writing, I enjoy rewatching The Thick of It, Irish dancing, and going out to have a good time. Studies: French and Spanish.  

Ollie Rudden (he/him)

Position: Deputy News Editor   About: This is my third year now on the news team and I have to say its been one of the biggest highlights of my university career! I would encourage as many of you to get involved as it is a great way to gain experience in journalism and meet […]

David Swanson (he/him)

Position: Deputy News Editor   About: Interested in all things politics, current affairs, climate sustainability and the art of making news. Equally keen foodie (vegetarian!) and Celtic FC fanatic for my sins! Studies: MSc Political Communication.

Rothery Sullivan (she/her)

Position: Views Editor   About: I love all kinds writing, from journalism to fiction to screenwriting, and I love watching films (thrillers/horror being my favourite genre). However, I’m most interested in activism through sharing stories that show your perspective of the world, which is why the Views section is my favourite! Studies: English Literature and […]

Ciara McAlinden (she/her)

Position: Views Editor   About: Outwith my writing, I make soup more often than the average person, and I am eternally preparing for Halloween. If you need a horror film recommendation, or an estimate for how much coriander goes in your carrot soup, I’m your gal. Studies: English Literature and Film/Television Studies.

Amy Richmond (she/they)

Position: Deputy Views Editor   About:   Studies:  

Jamie Salem Dalgety (he/they)

Position: Features Editor & Alumni Outreach Coordinator   About: Writer, Debater, Procrastinator Studies: Economics and Politics.

Ananya Venkatesan (she/they)

Position: Features Editor   About: I have always loved writing, performing, and public speaking which has reflected into the kind of activities I am involved in at University. Alongside being features editor at the Glasgow Guardian, I am President of the Glasgow University Dialectic Society, a trainer and senior debater at the GUU, and am […]

Katherine Prentice (she/her)

Position: Lifestyle Editor   About: I am a fourth year who love movies, animals, and drunken rants about either, and enjoy writing out and giving advice that I don’t take myself. Studies: Film & TV and History.

Genevieve Brown (she/her)

Position: Lifestyle Editor   About: I was Online Editor and then Culture Editor of The Glasgow Guardian before beginning my most challenging role yet: accepting invitations to bagel-tasting events and editing fun, gossipy articles. I love colour supplements, oversharing, and clothes shopping, all of which makes me very excited to be on the paper’s brand-new […]

Rebecca Richard (she/her)

Position: Deputy Lifestyle Editor – Health & Wellbeing   About: I am a fourth year politics student seeking a creative outlet through student journalism and novelty earrings. I love all things wellness related, especially a good journal prompt. Studies: Politics.

Madison Plumridge (she/her)

Position: Deputy Lifestyle Editor – Student Living   About: Londoner and politics nerd who loves to travel! I hope to use my section to represent more LGBT+, BAME, and working-class student voices in particular Studies: Politics.

Michelle Osborne (she/her)

Position: Deputy Lifestyle Editor – Travel   About:   Studies:  

Erin Doak (she/her)

Position: Deputy Lifestyle Editor – Food & Drink   About: I’m a fourth year language and art history student interested in everything related to art, food and culture. Studies: French and History of Art.

Megan Farrimond (she/her)

Position: Deputy Lifestyle Editor – Fashion   About:   Studies:  

Craig Smith (he/him)

Position: Sports Editor   About: I’m interested in anything to do with sport, football is my favourite but there’s plenty which I enjoy watching or writing about. I really enjoy being able to speak to people involved with sport as there are so many interesting sport stories out there. Studies: Law.

Claire Thomson (she/her)

Position: Sports Editor   About: Did you know I’m on my year abroad? However, prior to this year, you would’ve found me at the swimming pool or our chasing the perfect sunset. I’m a big sports fan, and love writing about (unsurprisingly) all things sport and sporting opinions. Studies: French and German. 

Gabriel Wheway (he/him)

Position: Deputy Sports Editor   About: Sport obsessed, often watching (and writing about) more than playing nowadays. Disgruntled History and English Lit student whose love of reading is slowly perishing after countless hours spent wading through washed up JSTOR journals. Keys to my heart: Guinness, Gnocchi and Glasgow Celtic. Studies: History and English Literature.

Chloe Waterhouse (she/her)

Position: Culture Editor   About: I am a Depop addict and lover of hip-hop and baked beans. Also ecstatic that the Rocky Horror Picture Show is now on Disney + Studies: History of Art and English Literature.

Jodie Leith (she/her)

Position: Culture Editor   About: I’m over the moon to move up to culture editor this year! After a long year of Zoom quizzes and wearing pyjama bottoms to class (a dream come true), I’ve (finally) grown up a bit and traded the bright pink hair for a natural, “adult” look as I enter the […]

Anest Williams (she/her)

Position: Deputy Culture Editor – Art   About: Appropriately for an arts editor, my interests include 35mm photography, abstract art, and 20th century design movements. Beyond that, I’m a big linguistics nerd so I love reading about anything language-related too. Studies: English Language & Linguistics.

Fred Bruce (he/him)

Position: Deputy Culture Editor – Music   About: I’m a chronic vinyl buyer, whose musical highlights including seeing Thom Yorke fall over on stage and being in the top 0.05% of glass beach listeners. Studies: English Literature.

Lucy Fitzgerald (she/they)

Position: Deputy Culture Editor – Film & TV   About: Hi I’m Lucy! My biggest loves are: culture writing, dancing, film buff-ing, imposing on everyone my love for The Cat in The Hat (2003), milk and Pitbull. My life mantras are: “never lose your inner child” and “question everything and discover yourself in the process”. […]

Rachel Campbell (she/her)

Position: Deputy Culture Editor – Books   About: Big fan of reading new adult fiction, writing articles about Taylor Swift, and all round just living my Chilton-era-Rory-Gilmore dream. Studies: English Literature and History.

Katie Evans (she/her)

Position: Deputy Culture Editor – Theatre   About: Big cinema fan with a passion for the arts. Tries to do way too many things so is currently also on the GUM team and involved with SPA, whilst trying to get a masters degree at the same time.  

Sophie Kernachan (she/her)

Position: Deputy Culture Editor – Video Games   About:   Studies:  

Matt Laing (he/him)

Position: Science & Tech Editor   About: I’m interested in God, Space, the Earth and mountains, everything else kind of fits in around all that Studies: Engineering.

Izzy Sinanian (she/her)

Position: Deputy Science & Tech Editor   About: I am passionate about protecting our environment and bringing awareness to climate change. I love getting involved in sport, especially basketball! Studies: Biochemistry.

Becca Luke (she/her)

Position: Web Editor   About: Within the paper my interests are all things website, social media and photography with the occasional venture into writing about my tumultuous love life. Outside of The GG, I enjoy Highland History, travelling and trying not to burn cakes! Studies: History.

Katrina Williams (she/her)

Position: Production Manager & Social Media Editor   About: I’m big into journalism, and hope to make it my career after my stint at the GG: I most often write for our culture and lifestyle sections, though I’m doing my best to branch out this year. During our production week, if you peer up at […]

AJ Duncan (she/her)

Position: Deputy Social Media Editor   About: Outside of the paper I spend my time freelance illustrating & painting Studies: Politics.

Zein Al-Maha Oweis (she/her)

Position: Online Editor   About: Hi I am Zee, I am a visually impaired PhD researcher at the University of Glasgow researching all things digital media and disability studies. When not focused on my research, you can find me reading at the Botanical Gardens, meeting with friends and family or adventuring somewhere in Scotland. One […]

Dora Dziki (she/her)

Position: Photography and Illustrations Manager   About: I’m a very social, creative person which makes the Glasgow Guardian a place where I thrive and can cultivate my hobbies such as writing, illustrating, and getting on it 🙂 Studies: English Literature.

Vrinda Sharma (she/her)

Position: Webmaster   About:   Studies: Computing Science.

Jordan Hunter (he/him)

Position: Investigations Editor   About:   Studies: