University fails disabled student again

7th October 2020

The University of Glasgow failed to provide a disabled student with the necessary software for 31 weeks, preventing him from being able to study at ho...


Glasgow University accused of negligence

28th September 2020

Glasgow University officials are accused of acting negligently as they received complaints ahead of Freshers’ Week disaster and failed to implem...


Coronavirus liveblog

12th March 2020

Welcome to the Glasgow Guardian  coronavirus (COVID-19) liveblog, where we will consolidate all information regarding the virus put out by the un...


The Perks of Being a Wallflower: a truly life-changing book

29th October 2020

Rebecca and Hailie jointly review the YA best seller, exploring how literature has the power to make...

Science & Tech

This Thanksgiving, I’m thankful for sustainable solutions

29th October 2020

Why not try a good piece of Tofurky this Thanksgiving? Every year, the holiday season results in lar...


Review: Mogul Mowgli

29th October 2020

“Roaring with intimate humanity.”Ed Fernandez reviews Mogul Mowgli, out 30 0ctober.  Mogul Mowg...


Eat Out to Help Out: how I saved the economy by eating Nando’s

29th October 2020

Iona Murfitt considers the pros and cons of the Eat Out to Help Out Scheme. I don’t know about you...


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