University fails disabled student again

7th October 2020

The University of Glasgow failed to provide a disabled student with the necessary software for 31 weeks, preventing him from being able to study at ho...


Glasgow University accused of negligence

28th September 2020

Glasgow University officials are accused of acting negligently as they received complaints ahead of Freshers’ Week disaster and failed to implem...


Coronavirus liveblog

12th March 2020

Welcome to the Glasgow Guardian  coronavirus (COVID-19) liveblog, where we will consolidate all information regarding the virus put out by the un...


Cult v cultured

27th October 2020

Does the prestige horror trend mark a shift in the genre, or are we just more willing to engage crit...


Teaching history through theatre

26th October 2020

Sharing the stories of minority groups on stage. In As You Like It, Shakespeare famously quoted: “...


Halloween food around the world

26th October 2020

Jasmine Urquhart looks at some of the best Halloween foods worldwide. Halloween treats are usually a...


An Album That Soundtracks My Life: Modern Vampires of the City by Vampire Weekend

26th October 2020

In the series Albums That Soundtrack Our Lives, we hear from a selection of students reflecting indi...


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