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Petition calling for more street lighting on Kelvin Way is endorsed by unions

25th March 2021

The petition discusses the need to make Kelvin Way safer for women and students. The student bodies of the University of Glasgow have endorsed a petition that calls for more street lighting on Kelvin Way, a popular route home for students and women that still “lacks adequate lighting” following a number of sexual crimes in ...

EDITORIAL: Support students and their grades

28th January 2021

Following the news that the University will not be reinstating the “No Detriment” policy, The Glasgow Guardian and other student societies call for new measures to support students’ futures. We, The Glasgow Guardian, and the other signatories in this article, call upon the University of Glasgow to consider student wellbeing and set students up for ...

UofG during Covid: your questions answered

13th September 2020

A look at many of the different questions students have asked and what we should be asking. As a new academic year begins, and we all adapt to the new normal of University, many still feel confused about what this year will look like. We decided to find out the answers to the questions on ...

Visit Glasgow’s Hidden Gems

22nd October 2021

Brave sitting on the subway for an extra stop and see what great places you can find. Glasgow Wake Park, Port Dundas. Glasgow Wake Park welcomes all levels and offers a specific beginner’s wakeboarding package, including kit and coaching, and they also run jam nights for the more experienced riders. This thrilling sport is considered ...

Covid-19: An illness or an inconvenience?

22nd October 2021

How have attitudes towards Covid-19 changed from the start of the pandemic to now? Covid-19 will not be eradicated for a long time, forcing us to integrate safety procedures into daily life as things begin to “open up”. Even with the protection of the vaccination programme we still must act cautiously. However, student attitudes towards ...

Review: Jamie Reid’s Taking Liberties @ Made in Paisley

22nd October 2021

Over 40 years on from designing the iconic Sex Pistols’ album cover, Jamie Reid’s work is just as relevant as ever. In a career spanning over five decades, it is a rare feat to find that the highly politicised and engaged works of artist Jamie Reid are still as emphatically relevant today. Reid’s exhibition Taking ...

Glasgow restaurants commit to zero-waste dining during COP26

22nd October 2021

From 12 October until 12 November 2021, a variety of local pubs and restaurants will participate in the Plate Up for Glasgow initiative with the aim of actively reducing food waste. Scheduled to coincide with the 2021 UN Climate Change Conference, the month-long Plate Up campaign is piloted by Glasgow Chamber of Commerce in collaboration ...

In a Dollhouse: The ethics of playing with Twitch streamers’ lives

22nd October 2021

We delve into Jerma’s Dollhouse stream and wonder … just how far would an online audience with authority go? “I did something cool while I was gone; Jerma’s Dollhouse stream,” said Twitch streamer Ludwig at the tail-end of his three day hiatus from the world’s most popular streaming platform. “And if you have no idea ...

In conversation with GigSafe Glasgow

22nd October 2021

Amelia Boyle, the founder of the not-for-profit concert safety project, sat down with us to discuss their work. GigSafe first came onto the scene around 2019/20, changing attitudes towards gig-going in the city ever since. Over the past few years, they have set off a positive transformation of views in lieu of the more troubling ...

The perils of poaching: is it eliminating the ecosystem?

21st October 2021

Whether for paychecks, power, or pleasure, poaching has serious implications for us all. What kind of person enjoys hunting, killing, and capturing wild animals for fun, for money, or for sport? It wouldn’t be me. Yet, for some reason, poaching persists as a pertinent problem, worldwide. Thousands of species of animals – from elephants and ...

10 essential films you need to watch this Halloween!

21st October 2021

Tomek guides us through a commanding mix of movies that provide the slash and the silliness, guaranteed to provide you with the best spooky vibes for Halloween 2021.  Scary Movie 1 & 2 (Keenan Ivory Wayans 2000, 2001) NETFLIX I am kinda cheating here, forgive me. If you can cope with a little bit of ...

SRC release joint statement with unions following reports of spiking around Glasgow

21st October 2021

CW: gender-based violence Together, the SRC, GUU, QMU and GUSA urge students to “step up” following disturbing accounts of gender-based violence. Yesterday evening, the SRC circulated a statement on both email and their social media platforms after the increasing number of reports of harassment and spiking. Written jointly with the unions – Glasgow University Union ...

Paralympic athletes deserve better

20th October 2021

It’s time to shine the light on disability sport. The Paralympics have been and gone for another 3 years and Team GB have yet again proven that they are a force to be reckoned with. Although short of their medal tally from Rio 2016, with 124 medals in total won over the 12 days, evidently ...