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Navigating the cost of living crisis: introducing Don’t Pay UK

18th September 2022

With an autumn of discontent forecast amidst an unsustainable rise in the cost of living, should students take part in the Don’t Pay UK campaign? No one is immune to the cost-of-living crisis tearing its way through the UK at the moment, and when it comes to the national conversation there is talk of little ...

Petition calling for more street lighting on Kelvin Way is endorsed by unions

25th March 2021

The petition discusses the need to make Kelvin Way safer for women and students. The student bodies of the University of Glasgow have endorsed a petition that calls for more street lighting on Kelvin Way, a popular route home for students and women that still “lacks adequate lighting” following a number of sexual crimes in ...

EDITORIAL: Support students and their grades

28th January 2021

Following the news that the University will not be reinstating the “No Detriment” policy, The Glasgow Guardian and other student societies call for new measures to support students’ futures. We, The Glasgow Guardian, and the other signatories in this article, call upon the University of Glasgow to consider student wellbeing and set students up for ...

UofG during Covid: your questions answered

13th September 2020

A look at many of the different questions students have asked and what we should be asking. As a new academic year begins, and we all adapt to the new normal of University, many still feel confused about what this year will look like. We decided to find out the answers to the questions on ...

Glasgow University students mourn the killing of alumni Dima Alhaj in Gaza

29th November 2023

As the community mourns the killing of UofG alumni Dima Alhaj in Gaza, her relatives share heartfelt memories of the young WHO staff member. On Monday, 27 November, over a hundred University of Glasgow students and members of the public attended a candle-light vigil in the cloisters to honour the memory of Dima Alhaj. Dima ...

A review: Jockstrap at Glasgow Classic Grand

28th November 2023

It was perhaps the most Jockstrap thing ever… They’ve just opened for Blur at Wembley, have over two-hundred thousand monthly Spotify listeners, have an album shortlisted for a Mercury Prize and they still choose a tiny, intimate, bizarre 500-person venue on Glasgow’s energetic Jamaica Street to kick start their tour. The venue usually hosts a ...

Daft Punk: A Retrospective

28th November 2023

A love letter to “dafty punky thrash”. Forming in 1993 and disbanding in 2021, Daft Punk gifted the world 4 studio albums, 2 live albums, a soundtrack album, and two films. The impact the robots have had on both music and the wider world is difficult to explain. The duo sold over 10 million records ...

Watching Squid live from afar

28th November 2023

Music Editor Daniel sends out an expert team to review Squid live at the Barrowlands. Squid defy categorisation. They combine a plethora of approaches, from post-punk to krautrock, creating whirling compositions of tension and release. They are, naturally, a band which any good music editor should want to see; however, when duty calls elsewhere, who ...

Notes on Booker Prize 2023 winner Prophet Song

27th November 2023

Paul Lynch, winner of The Booker Prize 2023, told the awards ceremony that he risked “dooming his career” by writing Prophet Song. His dystopian novel follows an ordinary, middle-class family, The Stacks, whose lives deteriorate in tandem with the city where they live, Dublin. Written poetically – with no paragraph breaks or speech marks – ...

The history of women in the Glasgow University Sports Association

26th November 2023

2023 marks 120 years of women in GUSA, as The Glasgow Guardian reflects on the history of women’s sports at Glasgow University and the challenges faced through the years. The history of women in the Glasgow University Sports Association (GUSA) is a fascinating and evolving story of resilience, determination, and progress. GUSA, one of the ...

The rise of esports 

26th November 2023

Netball, Rugby, Rocket League? Embracing university life often involves playing a sport, and with the rising popularity of esports, the Glasgow University Esports Society ensures even those played online have a place on campus. Given the esports industry is now comfortably valued at over a billion dollars, and attracting more regular viewers than the likes ...

In conversation with UofG Sports Bursar Andrew McGill

26th November 2023

Hoping to follow in the footsteps of his grandfather, runner Andrew McGill discusses his recent successes, weekly training schedule and hopes for the future. A University of Glasgow (UofG) sports bursar since 2022, Andrew McGill is in his second year studying Computing Science. A recurring name on Scottish Athletics’ website and repeatedly mentioned as a ...

Centre for Robert Burns Studies earns Queen’s Anniversary Prize

26th November 2023

University honoured with a Queen’s Anniversary Prize for its work studying Scotland’s most famous poet. The University of Glasgow’s Centre for Robert Burns Studies has received a Queen’s Anniversary Prize for Higher Education, commending the wide impact of their work celebrating Scotland’s national poet – Robert Burns.  “The prize is a nice acknowledg...

Choose your next Rector

26th November 2023

Nominations for the University of Glasgow’s next Rector have now opened. Nominations for the next University of Glasgow Rector have now opened. A post made by the Student Representative Council on Twitter announced the opening of the nominations, with the election scheduled for March 2024. Nominations will close on 22 January 2024 and voting will ...