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Petition calling for more street lighting on Kelvin Way is endorsed by unions

25th March 2021

The petition discusses the need to make Kelvin Way safer for women and students. The student bodies of the University of Glasgow have endorsed a petition that calls for more street lighting on Kelvin Way, a popular route home for students and women that still “lacks adequate lighting” following a number of sexual crimes in ...

EDITORIAL: Support students and their grades

28th January 2021

Following the news that the University will not be reinstating the “No Detriment” policy, The Glasgow Guardian and other student societies call for new measures to support students’ futures. We, The Glasgow Guardian, and the other signatories in this article, call upon the University of Glasgow to consider student wellbeing and set students up for ...

UofG during Covid: your questions answered

13th September 2020

A look at many of the different questions students have asked and what we should be asking. As a new academic year begins, and we all adapt to the new normal of University, many still feel confused about what this year will look like. We decided to find out the answers to the questions on ...

Should judges be politically neutral?

29th November 2021

Martin Mullaney explores the idea of political neutrality within the judiciary system, highlighting the ways in which the system needs to work to separate political parties from law interpretation. Having your phone go off in a lecture, library, church, or just about anywhere where your offbeat ringtone will incur annoyed glances rather than laughs, is ...

Portugal appreciates the need for rest, and so should we

29th November 2021

Portugal introduces a law that bans employers from contacting employees after working hours – should Scotland do the same? At the start of the month, news broke that Portugal had passed laws banning bosses from contacting their staff outside of working hours under legislation referred to as “right to rest”. The law dictates that companies ...

Put your money where your mouth is and stop funding the climate crisis

29th November 2021

Protesting is a great way to get involved in activism, but if your actions don’t back up your words, holding a sign is pointless. Everybody loves a protest. You get together with friends, paint a witty yet politically astute sign, feel part of something bigger and – critically – have an excellent excuse to avoid ...

RuPaul’s Trauma Race

29th November 2021

Flora Gosling critiques RuPaul’s Drag Race sensationalisation of queer trauma. RuPaul’s Drag Race is, above all else, unavoidable. It has become a part of our weekly Thursday to spend our evenings complaining bitterly about the judging, the tasks, the runways, and everything else about the Drag Race formula, only to be back next week to ...

NUS calls for urgent action on mental health

28th November 2021

The National Union for Students (NUS) Scotland has responded to new mental health research by urging universities to devise an action plan for improving student wellbeing. NUS Scotland has expressed profound concern for student mental health in the UK, following a new research published earlier this month by the Mental Health Foundation. According to the ...

UofG researchers develop the ‘DogPhone’

28th November 2021

The discovery has been deemed a way to help animals with their separation anxiety and take ownership with technology. University of Glasgow researchers have developed DogPhone, a device that pets can use to contact their owners. The device is created with pets in mind, aiming to help animals with separation anxiety from their owners. DogPhone ...

UofG Centre for Quantum Computing receives funding in two new projects

26th November 2021

The University is part of a £6.5 million consortium and £5.7 million research project. Two new projects based at the University of Glasgow’s Centre for Quantum Computing, launched in September which aims to build on the University’s expertise and experience as one of the largest quantum centres in the UK, have recently received funding.  The ...

Spotlight: Belgium’s geopolitical division and how it obstructs COP26 goals

26th November 2021

Writer Evelyn Dom interviews the Belgian Minister of Environment about where their country stands after the outcomes of COP26.  After two weeks of negotiations at the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 26), the Glasgow Climate Pact has been signed by 197 countries. The pact’s main aims include limiting temperature increase by 1.5 degrees, a ...

Does age difference count?

23rd November 2021

Ishani Mukherjee discusses why age isn’t the most important factor in a relationship. I remember people in my halls obsessing over the relationship that Emmanuel Macron shared with his partner, gasping at the 25-year age difference. I couldn’t help but wonder – does an age gap really matter in a relationship? As long as we ...

COP diaries: day nine

23rd November 2021

Monday 8 November I’d heard rumours that Obama was to be making an appearance; rumours that had started circulating over the weekend but which had so far come to nothing. I did as always and scrolled through the Daily Programme posted by the UN at the start of each morning. Was there anything about him ...