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Petition calling for more street lighting on Kelvin Way is endorsed by unions

25th March 2021

The petition discusses the need to make Kelvin Way safer for women and students. The student bodies of the University of Glasgow have endorsed a petition that calls for more street lighting on Kelvin Way, a popular route home for students and women that still “lacks adequate lighting” following a number of sexual crimes in ...

EDITORIAL: Support students and their grades

28th January 2021

Following the news that the University will not be reinstating the “No Detriment” policy, The Glasgow Guardian and other student societies call for new measures to support students’ futures. We, The Glasgow Guardian, and the other signatories in this article, call upon the University of Glasgow to consider student wellbeing and set students up for ...

UofG during Covid: your questions answered

13th September 2020

A look at many of the different questions students have asked and what we should be asking. As a new academic year begins, and we all adapt to the new normal of University, many still feel confused about what this year will look like. We decided to find out the answers to the questions on ...

PODCAST: Review of 2021

18th January 2022

Episode 4: Review of 2021. Editors-in-Chief Hailie Pentleton and Lucy Dunn join Fraser McFarlane for our review of 2021, and a look forward into what’s to come in 2022. We are also joined by The Glasgow Guardian’s editors and contributors discussing major events and stories from the past year, such as COP26 and the Murano ...


18th January 2022

Episode 3: Has it all been worth it? Multimedia Editor, Fraser McFarlane, is joined by Editor-in-Chief, Lucy Dunn, who’s been inside the COP26 Blue Zone. They discuss whether a meaningful deal that keeps us within reach of 1.5 degrees is still possible and whether COP has been worth it for Glasgow. Click here to listen....


18th January 2022

Episode 2: Deals, Disruption & Plenty of Protest. Multimedia Editor Fraser McFarlane takes you through all the action taking place throughout Glasgow during COP26, including deals struck by world leaders and the protests taking place across the city. Joined by News Editor, Kimberley Mannion, and Science & Tech Editor, Matt Laing. Click here to listen....


18th January 2022

Episode 1: COP26 arrives in Glasgow. The COP26 Climate Summit has finally arrived in Glasgow along with 30,000 delegates and 120 world leaders. News Editor, Kimberley Mannion, and Science & Tech Editor, Matt Laing, join Fraser McFarlane to discuss the summit’s goals, what to expect and what it means for the host city of Glasgow. ...

Let’s not abandon those affected by long Covid

17th January 2022

We need to start addressing the serious effects that long Covid is having on students. It’s the part of the pandemic that everyone wants to forget. The alienating and exhausting part. But if you’re living with long covid then you can’t just forget, because it overwhelms you. My mum hasn’t been the same since March ...

Don’t place all your bets on a Johnson resignation

17th January 2022

Writer Patrick Gaffey explains why Boris Johnson’s resignation will mean nothing if the system that allows his behaviour is not changed. Prime Minister Boris Johnson faces perhaps his biggest threat since taking power, after admitting to attending an illegal party in May 2020, ignoring his government’s lockdown regulations on a day when 103 British people ...

First new subway trains on the tracks

17th January 2022

The first new models of subway trains Glasgow has seen in years will be fully rolled out in 2023. On 4 December, Strathclyde Partnership for Transport (SPT) began the testing of new trains within the Glasgow Subway. The new, modern Stadler trains will be driven on the tracks of the Subway overnight, before being introduced ...

UofG law professor calls for judge-only rape trials

17th January 2022

Professor Fiona Leverick believes jury bias is a large factor behind persistently low conviction rates in rape trials. CW: mentions of rape/sexual assault Professor of Criminal Law and Justice at the University of Glasgow Fiona Leverick is calling for radical reform of the Scottish criminal justice system in response to persistently low conviction rates and ...

2022 January Welcome

17th January 2022

The student unions are hosting a variety of events to welcome everyone back to UofG this month. Refreshers’ Week has begun at the University of Glasgow and all four student bodies have announced a wide set of activities for all students to take part in, both online and in-person. Wednesday: If you are currently self-isolating ...

Blue Monday is so much more than a song

17th January 2022

What can we do to look after ourselves on the apparent saddest day of the year? Every January we are overcome by the blues – those seemingly never-ending feelings of loneliness, fatigue, and boredom. One day in particular seems to be the worst, though. Yes, I am talking about the dreaded Blue Monday. Allegedly, the ...