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Petition calling for more street lighting on Kelvin Way is endorsed by unions

25th March 2021

The petition discusses the need to make Kelvin Way safer for women and students. The student bodies of the University of Glasgow have endorsed a petition that calls for more street lighting on Kelvin Way, a popular route home for students and women that still “lacks adequate lighting” following a number of sexual crimes in ...

EDITORIAL: Support students and their grades

28th January 2021

Following the news that the University will not be reinstating the “No Detriment” policy, The Glasgow Guardian and other student societies call for new measures to support students’ futures. We, The Glasgow Guardian, and the other signatories in this article, call upon the University of Glasgow to consider student wellbeing and set students up for ...

UofG during Covid: your questions answered

13th September 2020

A look at many of the different questions students have asked and what we should be asking. As a new academic year begins, and we all adapt to the new normal of University, many still feel confused about what this year will look like. We decided to find out the answers to the questions on ...

Your Rector candidates interviewed…again

16th April 2021

Rector candidates sat down once again to answer the pressing questions about the role they are running for. With the rector election once again heating up after a delayed start, we thought to ask our candidates for rector once again where they stand on important issues and see if they had changed their position on ...

Neo-obsession: imagining the future

14th April 2021

Culture is always looking forward. The year is 2015. Flying cars dart like shooting stars across motorways in the clouds. Nike trainers have replaced normal laces with electronic “power laces”. Jackets automatically adjust to the measurements of their wearer. The criminal justice system can sentence people within a matter of hours, owing to the abolition ...

Hot girl summer or fat girl summer: why not both?

14th April 2021

Do we really need to lose the “lockdown weight” before summer comes around? Elena Adams doesn’t think so.  After being in and out of lockdown for almost a year, it’s no wonder that people can’t wait until summer, that light at the end of the tunnel (hopefully) without the restrictions we’ve all become accustomed to. ...

University of Glasgow Rectoral hustings taking place 19 April

14th April 2021

Hustings will take place on the University’s Facebook page. Hustings for the University of Glasgow Rectorial elections have been announced by the University.  Taking place on Monday 19 April, the Rectorial hustings will see all three candidates Junaid Ashraf, John Nicolson, and The Honourable Lady Rita Rae take centre stage and answer any questions you ...

Review: Promising Young Woman

14th April 2021

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned… Imagine if the stumbling girl you took home was just pretending to be drunk. Imagine that when you were helping her to your place, sorry, I mean home, she suddenly wasn’t drunk anymore. Suddenly you couldn’t touch her unresponsively; she was sober, and she had caught you. ...

Edgy reboots: right or ridiculous?

14th April 2021

Not even Scooby-Doo gets to be happy anymore. Everyone loves a bit of nostalgia. As a result, in recent years we’ve seen a huge increase in the number of early-00s childhood-show reboots. For example, Fate: The Winx Saga is one such reboot which reimagines the much-loved early-00s animated series Winx Club in live-action. The original ...

Review: Chemtrails Over The Country Club by Lana Del Rey

14th April 2021

Lana ditches the sugar daddies for memories of an independent youth. Announced the day her last album, and masterpiece, the 2019 Grammy-nominated Norman Fucking Rockwell!, was released, the seventh studio album from one of the most enigmatic and idiosyncratic voices in contemporary pop music, Elizabeth Grant, a.k.a. Lana Del Rey, finally saw the light of ...

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2021

13th April 2021

Does the last great musical gatekeeper have any place in the industry today?  With everything that’s going on in our lives today – you’d be forgiven for seeing the announcement of 2021’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominees pass you by. In fact, you’d be forgiven for letting any year’s nominees and inductees pass you ...

MyGlasgow student portal getting new ‘fancy’ upgrade on 15 April

13th April 2021

The new upgrade will allow students to check how busy the library is. The MyGlasgow student portal is getting a new “fancy” upgrade this week. Confirmed on the University of Glasgow Library’s social media pages, the new portal upgrade is set to launch 15 April and will maintain all of its current features as well ...

Our post-lockdown Glasgow gig guide

13th April 2021

Whether you’re new to the city, or just looking for something to shake up your gig-going pattern, we have the perfect mix of artists from near and far that you just can’t miss next time they play Glasgow. My heart goes out to fellow students who may have moved to Glasgow for the first time ...