The Glasgow Guardian is a local, student-led newspaper that publishes every three weeks during term-time (September – June). Based at the University of Glasgow, the paper had an estimated readership of 93,000 in 2009/10. 

All contributors, including the editors, are completely unpaid volunteers. This means we can offer you better advertising rates than other locals. It also means you get to support a local independent, not-for-profit publication.

The paper edition will be printed an estimated 10 times throughout the year. Estimated readership per issue of 10,000. We also offer ad space online. Contact us with any enquiries. We have a following of 6,400+ on Twitter and 5,000+ on Facebook. In 2019/20, each online article got around 1,200 views on Facebook and our site had 10,000 organic searches per month. 

As we are entirely volunteer-led and managed, we do not always have someone in the office during normal hours – so if you would like to speak on the phone, please email your number and someone will get back to you.

Advertising with Covid:
We understand the worries of advertisers during Covid, but believe now is the best time to invest in student journalism. Our website has been gaining traction and with its new design is very advertiser-friendly. We also recognise the worries about print ads but rest assured many students are still on campus and make use of its facilities- such as the gym, student unions, library, and administrative buildings. We plan on running similar numbers of prints as last year and moving our distribution to the points where students are likely to visit and even delivering them to accommodations. We think this change will mean students will still get their regular access to the paper and therefore the same number of eyes looking at advertisements. We highly encourage investing in student journalism as it not only draws attention to your brand but also supports your community.

Where can you find our latest issue?

You’ll find us in:
The SRC Welcome point 
The McIntyre Building
The UofG Gym
The Fraser Building
The Library (levels 2 and 3)

Any matriculated Glasgow University student can join the Glasgow Guardian; come make of it what you will. To get started with contributing you can come to our meetings, join our Facebook group or sign up to our mailing list. Our meetings take place (almost) every Thursday during term-time at 5.30pm in room 208 of the John McIntyre Building.

Likewise, you can like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter.